10 At-Home Beauty Must-Haves for 10.10

10.10 coming up? Navigate the overwhelming world of online shopping with this list of 10 At-Home Beauty Must-Haves to stock up on this time of year!

The Vanity Table

  • Ring Light Mirror
  • The ultimate vanity desk essential: a good mirror. Better yet, a good mirror with lights! Convenience is important to any Luxx gal, and this 2-in-1 mirror gives us exactly that. You can use this as a ring light for all your makeup selfies, and of course, getting a clear view of your makeup and lash application!


  • Fashionable Face Shield
  • This isn’t necessarily for your makeup but face shields are an essential these days, so it’s definitely best kept within reach! Paired with lashes that define your eyes, why not go a little extra by elevating your look even more with a fashionable face shield? These sturdy and sleek looking face shields allow you to stand out and pull the focus on your eyes!

     Don't forget to wear your face mask!


  • Eyeshadow Palette/Lash boxes Organizer 
  • Studies show that we work best when our space is organized-- even if it’s working on your look for taking on the day ahead! Luckily, there are a whole lot of options out there for organizing and storing all your makeup. From trays, to towers, to grids, our favorites are always the clear and opaque ones that will show off the wide array of colors your eyeshadow palettes and lash boxes all have!


    Makeup Application Hacks


  • Luna #LineAndLash Bundle
  • The Luna #LineAndLash Bundle is perfect for everyday wear, look, and feel. It pairs easily with any minimal makeup look, bringing out your eyes and natural lashes! Best of all, the Luxx Liner included in this bundle is formulated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive that, with soft to medium pressure, allows the liner lashes to bond with the liner without the use of magnets or glue! Light, simple, and no fuss.


  • DIY brow soap kit!
  • What’s an all-day-ready eye look without hectic-work-day-proof brows? This trick has been around for generations but gained popularity in 2019 with the comeback of the “natural look”.

    All you need is a clear soap and an eyebrow spoolie! Wet the spoolie, glide it across the clear soap, and apply to your eyebrows. Brows in place all day! If you want an essential to carry around, you could even melt the soap down and pour it into a smaller tin.


  • Precision eyelash curler
  • For small or deep set eyes, you may have found yourself struggling once or twice to find eyelash curlers that fit perfectly. Thankfully, these eyelash curlers were designed for precision! Whether it’s to curl your lashes, or to seamlessly blend your Luxx lashes to your natural lashes, these eyelash curlers allow you to get as close as you can get to your lash line.


  • Seamless Hair Clips 
  • Getting hair out of your face is a must for any makeup application session! But oftentimes, your pins and hair bands can leave unwanted dents on your hair. These specialized hair clips that are flat on one side help keep your hair in place, no creases and bumps in sight! Plus, they’re just like the ones the Kardashians use, so we know they’re cute!


    Keep it all clean!


  • Luxx Lash Cleanser
  • Regularly clean your Luxx pair with a cleanser specifically formulated to remove makeup, dirt, and debris from the lash strands. With a gentle, water-based, and oil-free cleansing formula, this Lash Cleanser is a must-have to prolong the use of any and all of your Luxx lashes!


  • Desk vacuum
  • It’s a fact: our makeup table is always bound to get a little dusty and messy from time to time. These adorable handheld vacuums help keep your space free from all sorts of excess product, random Post-it cuttings, dust, ants, even pet fur, without ever having to get up from your seat!


  • Makeup “egg” brush cleaner!
  • Washing your brushes is a must if we want to help maintain the softness of its bristles and to avoid skin irritation. However, scrubbing them on our palm under running water could cause some bristles to come loose! By lightly gliding the brush on the ridges of this handy “egg” with a mixture of dishwashing soap and water, you can ensure your brushes will be well-maintained!