4 Ways You Can Shop Smart This Holiday Season

As the holidays are fast-approaching, it also marks the start of the gift-giving season. 

With all the sales and promos offered, it can be tempting to grab on to these deals and buy everything in sight-- and before you know it, your cart is just filled with items you might not even need! We’ve rounded up a few tips on how you can make the most out of these exclusive offers and deals, without having to spend out of your budget!

Create a list and plan ahead


Avoid last-minute Christmas shopping by planning your gift list for your loved ones! Write down a list of all the people you are looking to get a gift for, and write down some ideas of things they would probably want or need. To give you some gifting ideas for the beauty newbies and enthusiasts in your life, you may browse our Instagram page at @heyluxxlash!

But remember: be realistic and prepare a budget beforehand. Moreso, make sure that you stick with it!

Think about sustainability

Shopping smart is also about making smart choices that make a loving impact on both the person you are buying for, and the earth! This time of year tends to generate a lot of waste-- single-use plastics, gift wrappers, and even an overabundance of unwanted gifts. In this day and age, buying sustainably is more important than ever. One way to make sure you’re buying sustainably, is to know that the store you are shopping at has the same values in mind!

While many falsies are single-use, and made with harmful chemicals or animal-based products, Luxx’s Magnetic Lash and Liner Lash collections are made with quality ingredients and materials! Each pair of lashes are premium, cruelty-free, vegan, and non-toxic. Best of all, each of our lashes are reusable and last for months on end!

As for sustainable gift wrapping, you may want to opt for wrapping your gifts in recycled magazine pages or newspapers if you’re truly looking to surprise your loved one! Sometimes, though, the packaging of your gift is already charming and pretty in itself. Why not skip the wrapper all together? 

As much as possible, shop in one place

Not only does shopping in only one or two stores save time, but if you choose the right stores, saving money will be a breeze! This is the season of promotions, bundles, kits, and gift packs. By doing your shopping in less places, you’re able to avail of as many sweet deals as you can, and save on shipping too!

Make your gifts personal

Speaking of customization and personalization, the most important part of a gift is that it comes from the heart. The best types of gifts to give and receive are those that aren’t simply for the sake of giving… it’s a gift with your loved one in mind. Keeping this in mind will surely lessen your spending this holiday season and make for a season of more meaningful gifts!