5 Tips for the Perfect Office Makeup

     Whether you’re an intern or a rising executive, power dressing is a great way to show that you’re the right woman for the job. Part of power dressing is choosing the right office makeup.

However, if you’re to break that glass ceiling, a fussy beauty routine is the last thing you’d want at the moment. Still, whether you’re on your way towards becoming the CEO, Chief Justice, or Madame President, there’s no excuse to looking like a slob. Stick to these no-nonsense rules to look your best while making your mark in the industry.

1. Healthy skin goes a looong way!

     Maintaining clear and healthy skin undeniably makes the makeup routine so much easier. Case in point: Heart Evangelista’s legendary  "no-makeup" makeup wedding look. She notably ditched foundation and opted to simply use moisturizer to get that dewy look for her big day. All thanks to having great skin in the first place. Although hers was for an event, the same rule can apply for your office getup. With great skin, half the war is won. You won’t need to put as much product on your face just to look professional. 

Healthy skin

Ditch the usual hassle of office makeup by investing in your skin!

Clear and healthy skin isn’t just for show. The skin acts as a primary barrier against infections that might keep you from being in tiptop shape at work. You can start by maintaining a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water (preferably 8-10 glasses a day),  limiting sun exposure. Never forget to wear sunblock because longer exposure to the sun is associated with faster skin aging. For people with more specialized needs, start talking to your dermatologist about products you can use.

 2. Make Sure Your Foundation is Stable

     So maybe your skin already looks great. However, like a true woman of power, you want to take that extra step and put on foundation. No problem! Make sure that your foundation won’t shrink even if the office is freezing cold. Investing in setting spray is also a great idea to make sure to melt-proof your foundation from the sweltering PH heat.


Again, remember the cardinal rule of subtlety; Never let your foundation look like icing.

3. For Blush, Soft is Powerful

     To reiterate, subtlety above all else. This should reflect even in your choice of blush. Blush helps you look healthier and more vibrant.

For fair skinned chinitas or mestizas, soft pinks and peach can do magic with your overall look. For our morena gals, apricots and orange hues can bring out radiance in you. You can save edgier mauve tones for more intimate meetings and corporate events.


4. Power Lip

     Sometimes, you need to break a rule to get your point across. For beauty, this might be through a trusty red lipstick in your office makeup kit.

A bold red makes you look more confident, which might be helpful for when you’re negotiating for a raise/promotion. For that powerful #GirlBoss look, try to choose the perfect red for your skin tone. You might look great in a deep berry but not so much in a fire engine color.

Of course, if you want a more discreet everyday lip color, classic nudes and pinks never fail to satisfy.


5. Eyes

     The eyes are among the first things that people notice when they meet someone new. That’s why you need to keep your total eye look fresh and professional! Luckily, you can follow these simple steps to make a standout eye beauty look.

For the brows: Keep it shaped and neat!  If your brows are naturally bushy, brow pomades might just do the trick to keep them looking great. For the rest of us who weren’t blessed with #KilayGoals, stacking up on brow pencils and fillers will help us look less stiff and cold.

For the lids: Ditch the shimmer and opt for neutral tones and bronzes. You don’t want to look like you’re on the way to Poblacion while in a business meeting.

For the lashes:  While most would advise ditching lash products, this might actually be a mistake. Fuller lashes add drama and draw attention to your eyes. This is actually useful for women who interact with a lot of people in their jobs. As eye contact is associated with confidence, you can actually weaponize your lashes to exude confidence - perfect for that killer boardroom presentation! Just choose the right product to give you that convenient yet more polished look! Luckily, you have a universe of products to choose from! Why not begin with a pair of magnetic lashes?

Luxx Lash Magnetic Lashes

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