Art That STYX: Why Is Art Important?

“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.”
Twyla Tharp

What would a life without art be like? It may seem like a well known fact  that art is important to our everyday lives. But have you ever asked yourself why it’s so important?

Art in our everyday

Art may not be fully necessary for basic survival, but it does make life worth celebrating. Thankfully, art is everywhere and affects us on a daily basis, whether we realize it or not. 

In a workplace, surrounding employees with art has been shown to relieve stress, boost productivity, and drive creativity. In healthcare, studies have found that masking the plain walls with art helps patients gain positivity and recover quicker. In tourism, art is used to attract, engage, and even educate new-comers. 

Perhaps the most relevant and personal ways art affects our lives today is the way we decorate our homes. The paintings we choose to hang on our walls, the bedsheets we choose for our beds, or even the lamps we choose for our desks. We choose these things for our homes because they are an authentic representation of oneself. We choose these things for our homes because they create an environment of joy and comfort. 

It may be cliche to say, but our bodies are our homes too. As beauty enthusiasts, we love beauty products like makeup or a manicure not just because they allow us to express our inner selves, but also because they help us feel confident and motivated to take on each day.

Art that STYX

Express yourself, motivate yourself, and remind yourself of the beauty in your everyday life with art right on your fingertips. STYX by Luxx provides premium, do-it-yourself designer nail wraps for the perfect uplifting manicure, all from the comfort of your own home. Each design is a one-of-a-kind nail wrap that will have you celebrating with elegance and ease. 

A merry reminder: The Holiday Limited Edition Collection

For the holidays, STYX has collaborated with Filipina artists to create limited edition designs perfect for the holiday season! What better way to remind ourselves of the holiday spirit than wearing it on your hands?

Check out these festive designs to elevate your holiday look and spirit:


Santa’s Reindeers 

“The holidays are all about celebrating. It reminds me of playfulness as children, special moments shared with family and of course, children believing in Santa Claus.” 

- Nicole Ty, STYX Featured Artist

Candy Cane

“This is inspired by the festive season — lively, warm, full of joy and twinkling lights! I created this piece in hopes of making people smile, empowered and to feel some sense of connection with the holiday characters and patterns. It's a simple yet chic design which I think will suit everyone.”

- Diobelle Cerna, STYX partner artist

Holly Jolly 

"I wanted to create a design that would remind people of the spirit of joy and love that we feel every Christmas season! I played around with Christmas elements that I grew up seeing all around the city and my house decor every Christmas time. I had so much fun creating this design & I hope it brings extra joy this holiday season!"

- Louise Anog, STYX partner artist

(Limited Edition Holiday Freebie)*

A sweet escape: The Designer Collection

Along with the Holiday collection, STYX also offers designer art for all-year-round wear! Since many of us are still spending most (if not all) of our time at home, Blue Terrazzo and Tropical Punch have been designed to remind us of our dream vacations.


Inspired by terrazzo flooring and a modern  twist on vintage architecture. With its speckled, blue  patterns, achieve artful nails with Blue Terrazzo. 

Tropical Punch

Missing the summertime? Take a trip to the  poolside and keep it cool with Tropical Punch–a playful,  colorful, abstract art that will surely remind you of all the  high tides and good vibes under the sun!

With this latest beauty essential, you too can Celebrate Art That Sticks everyday! Each design is unique and specially created by STYX and our partner artists. Every style gives you the opportunity to express and motivate yourself in any way you choose! 

From us, to you.