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Best Quarantine Halloween Looks for 2020

Halloween this year might feel a little different than what we’re used to. And it could be quite tiresome and discouraging being at home. We’ve been here for months! But beauty enthusiasts of all ages know that getting dressed up and made up is first and foremost something we do to
feel good. And the best part about quarantine halloween is that we can take part in the festivities without having to drive, line up to a club, or step outside our homes. We can have quarantine halloween in our pajamas. So if you ask us, Halloween 2020 seems to be off to a great start.

We’ll let you in a little secret: Halloween is an extra special occasion in the beauty community. So, the Luxx team has put together a few Halloween looks that can be worn on its own, and with safety in mind-- hopefully to get you extra inspired to celebrate this year’s extra special Halloween!
Grab your most dramatic Luxx Liner Lash pairs (that’s Selene and Ziva!), prepare your best selfie poses, wear that face mask you bought from Shopee just for Halloween, and have a very Happy Halloween! 

For those looking for a more subtle look

Maddy from Euphoria (with Ziva)


What you'll need:

Taupe and Purple Eyeshadow

Rhinestones and Spirit Gum


Lash Curler

Luxx Liner & Lashes in Ziva

Get the look: 

  1. Maddy's sharp look and tan complexion:
    1. After you finish applying your foundation, concealer, and setting powder, sculpt your cheeks with bronzer. 
    2. Apply a peach blush and top your face makeup off with highlighter! 
  2. Maddy’s attention-grabbing eye look: 
    1. Fill in your brows so that they look full and bushy.
    2. For your eyes, start with a mattifying base, like primer or setting powder. 
    3. Blend some taupe eyeshadow on your crease and apply an iridescent purple shadow on your lids. Go in with the same taupe shadow on your lower lash line for a more defined look. 
    4. Curl your lashes, apply mascara, then line your eyes with the Luxx Liner
    5. Gently press on the Luxx Liner Lashes in Ziva-- the lash pair that is dramatic and volumizing, dolling up your eyes instantly! They're perfect for big events, shoots, and parties, which are exactly what Maddy would get herself into on Euphoria!
  3. What’s a party without rhinestones? 
    1. Using your spirit gum, stick on the rhinestones just above your crease, and create a semi-circle around each of your eyes.

An Internet favorite: The E-Girl (with Selene)


What You'll Need:

Pink Eyeshadow


Brown Pencil Eyeliner


Lash Curler

Luxx Liner & Lashes in Selene

Get the look: 

  1. The E-girl’s signature exaggerated blush:
    1. After finishing your base makeup, skip your contour powder and dip straight into your blush! E-girls have an all-over flush, so blend your brush across your cheeks and nose. There’s never “too much blush” for this look! 
    2. Take your brown eyeliner and dot some freckles across your face for a cutesy effect. Draw on some hearts, stars, or anything you like! If you have brightly colored stickers laying around your house, this could a fun time to use them! 

QUICK TIP: For a more Halloween-esque look, you could swap the pink for a green or an orange! Draw some bats or pumpkins instead of hearts to get that full Halloween effect! 

  1. The E-girl’s big, dramatic eyes: 
    1. Blend a pink eyeshadow all over your lid, crease, and lower lash line. 
    2. Curl your lashes and apply mascara, then create a dramatic wing with your Luxx Liner
    3. Gently press on your Luxx Liner Lashes in Selene! The Selene lashes have wispy strands and they elongate your eyes, creating a sultry, glam effect that contrasts with an e-girl's cute face makeup.

And for those looking for a scarier look

Pennywise Glam (with Ziva)


What You’ll Need:

Red and Black Eyeshadow

Black Pencil Eyeliner

Red Lipstick

Lash Curler


Luxx Liner Lashes in Ziva

Get the look: 

  1. If you want to tone down the creepy and pump up the glam, skip the white face paint and do your usual base makeup routine. 
  2. Pennywise’s piercing eyes: 
    1. Take your red eyeshadow and blend it on your crease. Diffuse the color all the way up to your brows for a spooky vibe. 
    2. Take your black shadow and apply it on your lid, blending it into the red.
    3. Line your lower lash line with the black shadow, and then diffuse it with your red shadow. 
    4. Curl your lashes and apply mascara, and then line your upper lash line with the Luxx Liner. 
    5. Take the Luxx Liner Lashes in Ziva and gently press then onto the liner. Even though Pennywise is a scary character, your lashes will definitely add a glam, modern effect to this clown makeup look. 
  3. Pennywise’s extremely exaggerated smile:
    1.  With a small brush, take the red eyeshadow and start drawing Pennywise’s signature face makeup above your brows and across your cheeks, connecting the line to your lips. 
    2. Deepen the color by smudging the black pencil eyeliner inside the red shadow. 
    3. Line your lips with the black eyeliner as well, and then fill in your pout with red lipstick.

The Spider Queen (with Selene)


What You'll Need:

Black and Purple Eyeshadow

Black Pencil Liner

White Face Paint

Lash Curlers


Luxx Liner Lashes in Selene

Get the look: 

  1. The Spider’s base:
    1. After doing your base makeup and brows, apply purple eyeshadow on your crease and blend it up to your brow. Blend out the purple shadow on your lower lash line as well. 
    2. Take a black eyeshadow and apply it on your lid and lower lash line, blending it in with the purple. This makes the look more glam, especially if you want to add oomph to a spooky look. 
  2. Spider lashes...Literally:
    1. On one eye, begin to draw the spider's legs with a black pencil eyeliner. Add more details by dotting the legs with white face paint. 
    2. For a 3D effect, take your black eyeshadow and create light shadows for each of the legs. 
    3. On your other eye, draw straight lines and connect them with curved lines to create a web. 
    4. Once the eye art is done, curl your lashes, apply mascara, and line your eyes with the Luxx Liner
    5. Take the Luxx Liner Lashes in Selene and gently press them onto the liner. The lashes on Selene are very long and wispy, so they would perfectly complement the spider and web art you've created! 

Let us know if you try out any of these Halloween Looks by tagging us at @heyluxxlash on Instagram or Facebook! We’d love to celebrate this Halloween with you!