#FoolproofAndFree Beauty: Fresh Summertime Makeup Hacks for 2021

It’s time to bring out your favorite scrunchies, because
summer is finally here! 

From the sun shining bright through the windows, to savoring an ice-cold halo-halo, there are many wonderful things about summer in the Philippines, even at home! And for those of us who enjoy wearing makeup, summer can even be a time to refresh our beauty routines for the season ahead! 

Those of us here at Luxx believe that the best makeup routines are those that give you that fresh and free summer feeling.

Let’s start off with skin care.

Whether you’re wearing a full face of foundation, or going as bare-faced as possible, preparing your skin for a summer day is an important step you don’t want to miss! 

Start off by washing your face with a gentle cleanser that suits your skin type. Cleanse away any oil or dirt that may prevent any makeup from sticking to your skin and causing unwanted breakouts. Then, we recommend using a light, oil-free moisturizer to hydrate your skin. This not only allows makeup to stick better, but it also balances the natural oil production in your skin that would break down your makeup throughout the day.



Whether you’re indoors or outdoors this summer, remember to finish your skin prep with some UV protection! Aside from the UV rays from the sun and windows, A medically reviewed article by Everyday Health points out that even blue light emitted from our gadgets may even cause things like pigmentation, swelling, and early wrinkling. Apply a light layer of sunscreen to prevent short-term and long-term skin damage and maintain that smooth, even skin tone. It also helps with aging!

Time for a fresh, freeing summer look! 

Summer is looking quite different these days with silk pajamas and sweatpants taking over Instagram. Looking chill and cozy for the summertime in your loungewear is 2021 summertime’s latest trend! Think: Kim Kardashian hanging out at home with her sisters Khloe and Kourtney in their SKIMS loungewear. While you may not be on a set for Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you can still feel as elevated in your at-home loungewear look by changing up your makeup style to something stunningly minimalist!

A great way to refresh your makeup routine is to simply go back to basics! After all, less can go a long way! 

For the base, going back to the basics means sticking to the basics: a few spots of concealer and a light powder finish on your t-zone. With particularly oily skin, you may want to start with some primer in key areas (don’t forget your eyelids!) to significantly extend the wear time of the rest of your makeup. 

If you are looking for the quickest way to shorten your makeup routine, Luxx’s in-house beauty expert and professional MUA Chab Ocampo suggests using a BB or CC Cream for your makeup base! These creams can moisturize, offer sun protection, give you coverage, and often serve as a primer! Chab also suggests using a cream or liquid tint for your cheeks and lips rather than a powder to bring some of that dewy, sun kissed color to your face! For your brows, opting for a brow gel or brow wax can help you be sure your brows stay in place throughout the summer day. 

Top it all off by bringing all the attention to your eyes! For the freshest look that makes your eyes pop with your hair tied back in that scrunchie, go for clear lids and natural yet volumizing lashes. 

Freshest hack for total summer freedom? The Luxx Liner in Clear!

Our most recent release, the Luxx Liner in Clear, is totally foolproofperfect for those who are not eyeliner pros, but still want to wear lashes (even in your loungewear). Paired with your favorite Liner Lash style, this liner gives you the freedom of achieving your desired lash look instantly and with 0% required expertise!

We’ll admit: many of us are intimidated by putting on lashes. As the premier brand for magnetic lashes in the Philippines, the Luxx Magnetic Lashes can be a great option for summer in themselves due to their natural look and sweatproof quality! Although, applying our magnetic lashes admittedly do have a learning curve that many makeup beginners may be challenged by. Or, simply do not have the time for.


With the Luxx Liner in Clear, you won’t need to worry about “advanced” application or visible crooked lines on your eyelids. Just swipe the liner on your eyelids and apply your natural yet full lashes!

Going for a low-key and soft makeup look? The Luna is your best bet! It is the most natural style among the Luxx Liner Lashes; it’s light and wispy, giving you that lifting effect that elongates your eyes in a subtle way.
How about a less understated makeup look that still gives off that glam effect? Choose the Luxx Liner Lashes in Iris to add some drama to your everyday natural look! The Iris is striking and fluttery and easily opens up your eyes, making it your go-to pair for elevating your daily no-makeup makeup look.

Just like our Magnetic Lashes, all of our reusable Liner Lashes are vegan false lashes, made from faux mink sourced from Korea’s beauty capital. So, whichever Liner Lash style you choose, be sure pair it with the Luxx Liner in Clear in our #LuxxLineAndLash Bundles (Clear) for the ultimate fresh and free makeup look. 

Beauty has never looked this easy and attainable before! Bask in the liberty of making mistakes and having more time for that summer fun, all while looking like the freshest and brightest version of you. Let loose and free yourself with the Luxx Liner in Clear! Cozy virtual hangouts with your friends and casual lounging selfies has never been this easy. 

Shop the Luxx Liner in Clear now at heyluxxlash.com and give yourself the freedom of achieving the perfect everyday look at home!