How to Look Fresh Even At Home Inspired by Kendall Jenner

We have all been stuck in our homes for the past few months due to the quarantine. Since then, we have adapted and redefined our usual day-to-day routine, from our work setup to our beauty rituals. Due to the fear of getting the virus, there are no more trips to our favorite lash salons to give our lashes that extra flair even without make-up!


Here at Luxx, we don’t have to worry about risking a trip outside or even deal with the hassle of using glue-on lashes. Luxx Lash has launched its fifth and newest lash style, Elle, to be the perfect companion to everyone’s new beauty ritual at home! Whether we’re hopping on a Zoom call, running errands, or heading to work, the Elle magnetic lashes are our go-to pair! Soft, long, and lightweight, this pair gives our eyelashes that natural lash-lift-look, easily enhancing one’s natural beauty above the mask.

Get that look 

It’s no doubt that most of us are turning to no-makeup makeup these days. Even if we’re just at home, simply beautifying ourselves can help lift our moods and make us feel more fresh and ready to face the busy day ahead. For some inspiration, take a look at this look by Kendall Jenner as the perfect no-makeup makeup look you can try at home!

Simply fill in your eyebrows, dab on a little concealer, and some lip gloss or balm to make you look fresh and glowing even at home. To give that look a pop, just like Kendall, you can’t forget your lashes! Long but natural eyelashes can give you that au naturel look all the while making your eyes pop. 

Despite its simplicity, there are plenty of ways to play around with this look! Check out these looks that you can dupe from our partner influencers wearing their very own Elle magnetic lash pair!

Add a touch of peach 

Similarly to how Iman Franchesca (@iman.chesca) does it, she plays with her makeup look by adding a touch of color on her cheeks and lips. This color blends beautifully on Pinay skin tones!

Denise Heredia (@deniseherediaaa) also plays with a touch of peach, adding color to her eyes, cheeks, and lips. Extend that color to your eyes, to give that makeup look a bit of depth!

Accentuate your look with a colored lip

Like Denise Silva (@itsdenisesilva), you can never go wrong with giving your lips that rose pink color, giving your look that pop of color!

You can also keep that fresh look by simply applying a little bit of foundation and concealer to minimize those blemishes and dark circles. Agatha Uvero (@agathauvero) also uses a nude pink lip to give her lips a hint of color!

Brighten up your look with some highlight

Dupe this look from Pauline Suarez (@pauline_suarez) by dabbing on some highlighter to look like a dewy goddess! A little highlight can completely transform your look by lifting and brightening its appearance.

Boost your above-the-mask makeup look with fuller brows

Here’s another brow hack! Fill in your brows with a pigment slightly darker than your natural brow color to complete your above-the-mask makeup look! Like Sheila Dy-Tiu (@sheiladytiu), easily give your natural makeup look some depth with fuller brows!

Get creative with your new at-home beauty look with the help of these makeup inspirations, and of course a pair of your very own Elle magnetic lashes! Give your skin that needed care, put on some light, feel-good makeup (don’t forget the lashes!), and feel more than ready to face the busy day ahead. 

Shop for your Luxx pair today and get ready to embrace effortless beauty and feel confident in a snap.