Hygienic Benefits of Magnetic Lashes

People are going to new lengths to make their eyes look extra special. Besides, staying safe requires a mask that leaves just our eyes and brows to do the dazzling. With the rise of magnetic lashes, people are starting to think that the idea of putting magnets near the eye may seem a little odd and scary.

But here at Luxx Lash, we wanted to enhance our lashes without taking too much time, effort, cost—and especially damage. One of the major benefits of our magnetic lashes that makes more and more customers love them is that you can reuse them safely and hygienically for up to 50 times or more!

Here are the three top hygienic benefits of Luxx magnetic lashes:

  • Easy application and removal
  • Not dealing with a lash glue or having to go to salons, you can easily apply these magnetic lashes at the comfort of your home. Simply pop these Luxx magnetic lashes using a Lash Lock or your hands, and you’re ready to go! Unlike other false lash alternatives, Luxx magnetic lashes take little time to apply and remove, making them the perfect companion to your other beauty products.

    Sleeping and taking a shower won’t also be a problem. No need to worry about leaning on them while sleeping or getting them wet when you’re washing your face since you can easily take them off in less than a minute. You can also easily let your lashes breathe anytime and anywhere with Luxx magnetic lashes. No more high-maintenance lashes!


  • Easy to clean
  • Luxx magnetic lashes last longer when cleaned regularly. And it’s not a complicated process to do so, we assure you. With a cotton bud and a few drops of the Lash Cleanser, just gently stroke the lashes outwards until dirt and mascara debris are removed. After removing the cleanser residue and leaving them to dry, your Luxx magnetic lashes are clean and ready to go!

    For Lash Cleanser alternatives, you may also use a mixture of baby shampoo or dishwashing soap and water. Keeping them clean can help prolong the use and continue to make them the hygienic alternative to glued-on lashes!


  • Easy on the eyes
  • When it comes to your eyes, you’re always better off not applying something with chemicals. Lash glue may have strong substances that can pose serious health issues. This is why Luxx magnetic lashes are inching its way to become the top lash choice of the decade. It poses little to no damage to your eyes and natural eyelashes, as confirmed by a number of ophthalmologists around the world.

    “I used to go to a lash salon every 2 weeks which caused
    permanent damage to my lash growth, but now my lashes are on fleek everyday!”

    - Brenda Shane (@danestvs)

    With the top and bottom lashes simply sandwiching your natural eyelashes through magnets, you don’t attach anything to your skin and even your natural eyelashes. You no longer need to worry about your lashes turning brittle, drying, or falling out with these Luxx magnetic lashes. 

    Embrace effortless beauty and feel confident in a snap easily and safely. All Luxx Lash's products are completely safe on the eyes and easy to clean, perfect for those keeping their lashes on point even at-home.


    Shop your own pair of Luxx magnetic lashes today and be confident in a Snap!