Meet the Luxx Liner and Lashes

All throughout 2019, the signature magnetic lashes by Luxx Lash revolutionized the beauty game by giving us effortless beauty and confidence in a snap. Now, Luxx Lash is back with yet another beauty routine game-changer that is bound to stick.

Luxx Liner and Lashes 

Introducing the Luxx Liner and Lashes! This liner-lash duo is formulated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive that, with soft to medium pressure, allows the liner lashes to bond with the liner without the use of magnets or glue! This will instantly transform your look in two simple steps: apply the liner close to your lash line, then press the liner lashes on top of it. That’s it! You can achieve full and seamless natural-looking eyelashes with this new product from Luxx Lash!

Alana Vicente, @alanavicente_

Similar to the Luxx magnetic lashes, both the Luxx Liner and Liner Lashes are cruelty-free, vegan, non-toxic, and significantly easier and gentler than the use of disposable lash adhesives and eyelash extensions! With everyday use, this new product can last up to two months or more. Imagine that, you can get that fuller eye look with no mess, no damage, and double the wow-factor!

The four lash styles

These Luxx Liner and Lashes are looking to be the newest beauty trend of the year with its four distinct styles--Luna, Iris, Selene, and Ziva, that can be perfectly paired with any look and any event! For that minimal yet eye-opening effect, Luna is the perfect natural-looking style with its light and wispy design. But if you want a little added subtle drama, you can opt for Iris with its criss-cross effect that flutters with every blink.

The four lash styles

Now going for that extra drama and length, Selene and Ziva are the perfect lash styles to give you that bolder and fiercer look! Get that sultry glam look with Selene-- its wispy and long outer edges elongate your eyes for when you want to dress to impress! Or you may even opt for Ziva, the most dramatic and volumizing lash style that gives you the most defining full look! From makeup novice to expert, these four distinctly magnificent lash styles can be used by anyone who wants to step up their eye look-- anytime and anywhere!

Alana wearing Selene, @alanavicente_

Luxx Lash has once again changed up the game in the beauty industry with its new Luxx Liner and Lashes. Get yours today and experience full and seamless natural-looking eyelashes in an instant!