Luxx’s Gift Guide For The 6 Types of Women In Your Life

The Minimalist


It’s likely that the “no makeup” makeup look has been one of the biggest makeup trends of 2020. But, more than just a trend, it’s a movement towards embracing our gorgeous natural features. In this way, the minimalist is someone who sticks to the essentials— skin care and concealer to keep the face fresh, brow gel to tame any wild brow hairs, chapstick to moisturize dry lips, and of course, lashes to make the eyes pop (even just a little bit). 

Both Luna from the Liner & Lashes collection and Bonita from the magnetic lash collection are Luxx’s most natural looking lash pairs… making them a perfect gift for anyone who goes for that “no makeup” makeup look on the regular! Fuss free and easy to apply, they  enhance the eyes in the most subtle way possible! Top that off with the French Alps STYX nail wraps to keep things clean and simple-- true minimalist fashion!


The Island Girl


With their sun kissed skin, wind blown hair, and their abundance of bathing

suits, we know that the Island girl loves her time out by the water and under the sun. Being that the Island girl is the epitome of summer time, why not gift them with the STYX nail wraps made to remind them of all their favorite things (that they may be missing in this quarantine)? 

The Tropical Punch by STYX incorporates playful, colorful, and abstract art that will surely remind them of all the high tides and good vibes under the sun! Or, if they prefer a more subtle nail look, the powder blue hue in the Robin’s Egg by STYX can give them a sense of calm, ease, and freshness… just like they are feeling the water and fresh outdoor air surround them. 

As for the Island Girl’s eye look? The magnetic lashes in Paige would be perfect! Besides the fact that they are practically made for the outdoors, being that they are  sweatproof, water resistant, and wind resistant, they are also the most versatile lash style in the magnetic collection! Paige’s soft and criss-cross effect opens up the eyes (like sun rays) and blends seamlessly with natural eyelashes.


The Artist


The Artist doesn’t necessarily have to be an artist by profession. This is someone who may simply have an eye and hand for creativity! They love colors, lines, stories, and the emotion that works of art bring, and are able to bring that into their lifestyle! This is why the Luxx Liner and Lashes, along with the Limited Edition Holiday STYX by Luxx designs would be perfect for them. 

The Iris #LuxxLineAndLash Bundle is the most striking and fluttery lash pair from the Luxx Liner and Lash collection, making it the easiest naturally dramatic everyday go-to lash pair. As for the Limited Edition Holiday STYX by Luxx designs, Both the Santa’s Reindeer and Candy Cane STYX nail wraps have been designed in partnership with local artists (Nicole Ty and Diobelle Cerna) who incorporated personal stories and images that remind them of the holiday season into the nail wrap artwork. Although if the Artist you are gifting is not looking for holiday spirit, you may also opt to choose Blue Terrazzo by STYX, which is artfully inspired by terrazzo flooring and a modern twist on vintage architecture. 

The Artist will surely enjoy expressing their creativity from their eyes, down to their fingertips!

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The Video Call Queen


Facing the new normal, Zoom calls have become a part of our everyday routine. However, with the back-to-back meetings, sometimes we all just need a little pick me up, a boost of confidence to inspire us to keep going!

For that workaholic, video call queen in your life, why not gift this person with some beauty essentials to switch up everyday looks? Popping on a pair of lashes can really brighten and lift those (tired) eyes! The Selene is a great way to accentuate the eyes, especially for video calls. It allows for a sultry, glam look, perfect for both work calls and Zoom parties! Aeva is another great option too, as it allows for a more dramatic look. With its criss-cross, volumizing, and lengthening effect, it allows for a cat-eye effect with ease!

To finish it all off, Champagne Toast by STYX is a great option for the everyday— with just a touch of sparkle and shine to inspire this person to stay golden!

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The Athlete 


For the athletic, fitness buff who’s always on the move, a quick beauty fix is what’s needed! The Elle magnetic lashes are perfect for staying motivated and energized. These lashes are not only natural, soft, and lightweight, but they’re amazing for working out as they’re sweatproof and water-resistant too! 

And for a fresh and well-polished look, STYX nail wraps in Biscotti and Mademoiselle are a great way to elevate an everyday workout look without all the mess and fuss!

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The Makeup Guru


Last but not least, who better to gift some new beauty essentials than your go-to makeup guru! Beauty lovers will surely love creating looks with the Ziva. This pair gives the fullest lashes, with intensified length and volume, perfect for adding more drama and flair for a full glam look.  For an even more #extra makeup look, the Frida really makes the eyes pop! With these full-on wispies, this pair adds extra volume and length with a criss-cross effect, all the while being lightweight.

Why not take the look even further, down to the fingertips? Pair these lashes and top the look off with something classic, perfect for every look and every mood with STYX in Plum.

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