How to get the best of both worlds with a #LuxxLifestyle?



Get to know our four Luxx gals who get the best of both worlds with their #LuxxLifestyle using their very own Luxx magnetic lashes!

Being a student by day, and a pageant contestant by night, Claudine Chua has a really tight schedule! It doesn’t help that she is currently taking her thesis term. But, with her discovery of Luxx magnetic lashes she no longer has any problems transitioning from one role to another! Paige by day and Frida by night, Claudine can look put together and ready to conquer the world in just a snap!

Bonita Claudine

While, as a flight stewardess trainee, Sara Whitelock needs to stand out. Having bad experiences with the other fake lashes, she was desperate to find the best alternative out there! It’s a good thing that she found her best friends through Bonita, Paige, and Aeva that she constantly uses depending on her mood for the day. She can now have affordable and effortless beautiful lashes that will not do any hard to her natural ones! Standing out through day and night is all possible with her magnetic lashes!

Paige Sara

The same goes with our other Luxx gal, Dane Lim. Dealing with the big bosses in the corporate world takes guts and confidence. But with her Paige magnetic lashes, Dane has no problem looking the part for sure! Even if she has a jam-packed schedule she can breezily put on her magnetic lashes as her perfect companion for the day! But as the night wears on, Dane would put on her Frida magnetic lashes in just a few seconds looking fresher and beautiful as ever, as she unwinds and have fun with her friends!

Dane Frida

And last but not the least, this Luxx gal wants to always start the day right! And for Jones Pena, looking good is a great way to do just that! She no longer has to rush in the morning as she gets ready for work, and it’s all thanks to her Bonita magnetic lashes! These lashes make her look ready to face anything that will come her way! But being an office girl is not all there is to Jones as she also travels as much as she can. And she knows that her Frida magnetic lashes will be the perfect companion to satisfy her wanderlust all the while looking effortlessly beautiful!

Frida Jones

You too can easily get the best of both worlds just by purchasing your very own Luxx magnetic lashes! From Bonita, Paige, Aeva, and Frida, Luxx Lash has got your back, in any event you will be going!

Join our Luxx gals as they adapt to the #LuxxLifestyle--the easiest and most worthwhile beauty decision you will make!