Magnetic Lashes: The Best Beauty Product For Everyday Use

From work-from-home set-ups to always wearing face masks when going out, we are limited to what we can do to beautify ourselves due to the pandemic. But of course, we try to look presentable and ready-to-work each time we face our colleagues during Zoom calls. Even when we just go out to get some groceries at the supermarket, we try to dress up a little and put on some makeup to make normal of the situation despite the new rules we now have to live by. 

Partner your COVID routine with a beauty product that’s here to withstand heat, sweat, and the overall standing-in-line situation. To its reusability, easy-to-clean feature, and natural-looking aspect, these Luxx magnetic lashes are quickly becoming the latest beauty trend that you surely can’t miss out!

Pop them on anytime!

Unlike your lash extensions that would require you to have them on and taken care of properly 24/7, these Luxx magnetic lashes can give you that breath of fresh air that you didn’t know your natural eyelashes needed! Just like a hair clip, you can simply clip on these magnetic lashes right before your Zoom calls or right before your grocery runs without needing to prepare anything else. You can look fresh and ready to take on anything in a flash! 

After using them on hours on end, these Luxx magnetic lashes can be simply removed by sliding them off your natural eyelashes. No tugging and no mess involved - what more can you ask for?

“Luxx Lash is surprisingly easy to use. What makes these lashes appealing is that they’re reusable, not messy to use, and less likely to rip off your natural lashes.”
Noha Dasco


Perfect for everyday use!

When you’re outside and wearing your facemasks, your eyes are one of the few things that you can make stand out! Here at Luxx, we want everyone to embrace effortless beauty and feel confident in a snap through our magnetic lashes. We value the qualities of cruelty-free and being as natural-looking as possible, so instead of using Mink hair, Luxx magnetic lashes are made out of faux silk. These make it more lightweight and look as if they’re made out of your natural eyelashes. 

Not only are they lightweight and natural-looking, but these Luxx magnetic lashes are also easy-to-clean, making it the perfect beauty product for everyday use! Cleaning these magnetic lashes are vital when it comes to longevity and of course, hygienic purposes. If handled gently and cleaned regularly, you can use your Luxx magnetic lashes up to 50 uses--more than 3 months if not used everyday. These magnetic lashes will surely make your money’s worth all the while giving your eyelashes that effortless beauty in a snap!

“The best part? They’re reusable! You get a great value for money while contributing less waste to the environment. Win-win!”
Annika Gozo @annikagozo

Get your very own Luxx magnetic lashes today and rock those Zoom calls and grocery runs with effortless natural-looking eyelashes!