One Lash At A Time: Stand Against Human Trafficking

When we think about childhood, we think of toys and playgrounds. We see ourselves running around school with our friends, watching our favorite cartoons, and spending time with family. The memory of our carefree childhood is something most of us like to look back on with longing and bliss.

However, for some, childhood doesn’t mean the same thing.

In the Philippines alone, the United Nations estimates 60,000 to 100,000 children are forced into exploitative labor, particularly prostitution rings. Girls aged between 13 to 17 are victims of human trafficking at bars, clubs, and hideaways across the country.

It’s a lonely setup that could seem hopeless. Thankfully, Consider the Lily is working to give these victims a new chance at life.

For the average girl, filling up our vanity closet can be pretty expensive. But what if you could do it for a cause? At Luxx Lash, we want to do more than just give you an effortless beauty routine. 

Luxx Lash for Consider The Lily

What is Consider the Lily?

Started by Josie, her brother, and her sister-in-law, Consider the Lily is a local organization focused on helping the children trapped under the country’s sex tourism.

It’s an orphanage spearheaded by the generous siblings to help these children get back on their feet. Currently, they provide food, shelter, clothes to over 40 girls from ages 3 to 21 in their center.

Volunteers from Consider the Lily are working hand-in-hand to give the girls what they need, from prevention homes to education opportunities.

Giving back

Luxx Lash wants to be part of every girl’s journey to a brighter future. Spend your Valentine’s by taking part in our advocacy to stand against human trafficking.

With each pair sold until March 19, a portion goes to Consider the Lily.

No purchase is too small. Your lashes could pay for a girl’s meal, school books, or a new set of clothes.

Shop your pair and change a girl’s life at