Top 5 Questions on the Use of Makeup on Magnetic Lashes

Answering your questions on if and when you should use makeup while wearing your Luxx Lash magnetic lashes

Now is the time to finally say goodbye to lash glue and lash extensions forever.

Have you ever wanted long and luscious lashes without all the hassle? Well, you’re not alone. False lashes are usually tricky and messy to apply with all the lash glue, the fumbling, and the all-around confusion on why your lashes just don’t want to stick to your eyelids. On the other hand, lash extensions are an investment and quite difficult to maintain. And with staying at home being a priority, going to lash salons isn’t exactly the best thing to think about at the moment. What’s a person to do?

Here at Luxx Lash, we aim to answer all those questions with our Luxx magnetic lashes! Not only are they safe, convenient, and easy to apply and remove, but also perfect for any of your makeup looks! No need to worry about the hassle to get beautiful lashes with these Luxx magnetic lashes on your hands. 

From natural-looking styles to full-on glam, Luxx Lash has four different lash styles perfect for any occasion. With just a snap of the top and bottom lashes of your Luxx pair, you can achieve any look you want without all the mess and damage to your natural eyelashes.

But of course, with Luxx magnetic lashes as a relatively new beauty product in the market, a lot of you might be confused or unsure about getting your first Luxx pair. Don’t worry as we will be answering your most pressing questions about how these Luxx magnetic lashes will go with your daily makeup look! 

  • Can I wear mascara with my Luxx magnetic lashes?
  • Yes, you may! If you wish to wear mascara, make sure to apply it on your natural eyelashes before putting on your Luxx magnetic lashes. Wearing mascara can also help you easily apply these lashes if you are having difficulty applying them or if you have short and scarce natural eyelashes. Make sure to avoid applying mascara directly on your Luxx magnetic lashes to prevent damaging them!

    Mika Reyes (@notmikareyes)

  • Does a Luxx pair include a magnetic eyeliner?
  • To uphold our promise of having safe and chemical-free lashes, these Luxx magnetic lashes does not need any magnetic eyeliner. Just with magnets, your Luxx pair will easily attach itself to your natural eyelashes alone for hours on end. No chemicals or glue will touch your skin as we here at Luxx created beautiful magnetic lashes that are gentle to the eyes and easy to wear for everyone. You also don’t have to worry if having magnets near your eyes should be any concern. These Luxx magnetic lashes are perfectly safe and ophthalmologists approved!

    Monica Geronimo (@mon.geronimo)

  • Can I trim my Luxx magnetic lashes?
  • These Luxx magnetic lashes are already custom fit to Asian eyes. But if you want to trim them a bit shorter, you may! Just make sure to only trim a little of the sides of the top lash to make sure there is enough magnet for the bottom lash to connect itself into.

    Eryka Lucas (@erykalucas)

  • I’m allergic to lash glue, can I still use these?
  • Unlike fake lashes that require lash glue, these Luxx magnetic lashes do not. As mentioned earlier, these Luxx pairs are purely lashes and magnets. No chemicals or glue are involved in the process, making it the safest choice for anyone who wants to have long and luscious lashes!


  • Do I need to clean my Luxx magnetic lashes?
  • Wearing mascara or eyeshadow will surely leave some dirt or small debris on your Luxx magnetic lashes. We recommend that you clean your Luxx pair at least after three (3) uses for hygienic reasons and of course, to prolong its use. Don’t worry, cleaning your Luxx magnetic lashes is easy!

    Just simply use a cotton bud and few drops of the Lash Cleanser (or a mixture of baby shampoo or dishwashing soap and water) to gently brush away the dirt and mascara debris. Afterward, use a clean cotton bud with water to gently remove the cleanser residue. Make sure to leave them to dry first before placing them back on the case. Simple as that!

    We hope we have answered your most pressing questions! If you still have more, don’t hesitate to click that message button on the bottom right of your screen.

    Pair your best makeup looks with your very own Luxx magnetic lashes to have that long and luscious lashes without the mess and damage! Shop for your Luxx magnetic lashes today and embrace that effortless beauty and feel confident in a snap!