Where to Wear Your Luxx Lashes

Wondering where you can wear your Luxx magnetic lashes? Here’s a list of places you can sport your new luxxious lashes.

1. Cafe

Perfect for a relaxing day in your favorite coffee shop and suitable for when you just want to sit back and relax with your cup of coffee and plates of snacks!

2. Game Day

Get your game face on and show some team spirit. Make a statement and worry not about losing an eyelash. These magnetic lashes are strong enough for any game day extravaganza.

3. Errands Day

Too lazy to get ready for a day of errands but afraid to pass by someone you know? We’ve all been there. Simply clip on your Luxx lashes for an effortless look.

4. Girls night out

Whether it be wine night or milk tea morning, catch up with your Mamacitas and stay looking fresh in your selfies.

5. Party

Be the life of the party and turn some heads! Dance the night away without worrying about going home and waking up with a face slapped with mascara. Just simply slide off your lashes, wash your face and don’t forget to drink lots of water before falling asleep. ;)

6. Work

Worried about running late for work? Worry no more by starting your day with efficiency. Simply putting on your magnetic lashes will save you more time to focus on more important things such as preparing notes for a meeting, ironing your work outfit and eating your breakfast.

7. Bookstore

Relax and read your heart out. Spend the whole day in your city’s library or stroll around the bookstore because these lashes will hold no matter how long you wear them.

8. At home

Light up any room with a smile and add a little sparkle in your eyes. Whether you’re just relaxing or throwing a house dinner, a simple natural everyday look with a touch of our magnetic Luxx lashes will do the trick.

Even in the house or at a party, you can wear it everywhere and anywhere!