Work-From-Home Tips to help keep you productive

With the imposed quarantine, it isn’t uncommon for some companies to be implementing a work-from-home setup. Some may ask: while this is a luxury that we can afford, are we really being productive? Working from home may sometimes be a nightmare. From the numerous distractions at our disposal to lacking in the sense of motivation to get stuff done, this new setup we are all adjusting to will really become a challenge. 

Here at Luxx, safety is our priority. Hence, our entire team has been working from home as well! To help you work productively but still be mentally healthy while working remotely, we put together a list of WFH tips that have worked for us so far. With these, we hope we can also help you become more efficient and successful in navigating into this shift.


  • Get out of those pajamas 
  • Yes, we know how comfortable it is to just be in our pajamas the whole day. But doing so might not help us get into that mindset we would usually have when going to the office. Make an effort to start the day with a shower to give you that new day boost to be productive and rock those WFH meetings! 


  • Create your morning routine
  • Fill in the time previously spent preparing for work  whether getting ready or commuting with a brand new routine! Like our Assistant Brand Manager, Celine, try using your time before work to make your bed, make some tea or coffee, or even watch a short video or episode from a TV series! You may even create a solid morning routine that provides a learning experience for you such as meditating, exercising, or even reading like our Content Lead, Abby, does in the morning! These routines can help you start the day right and get into that mindset to be productive all throughout!


  • Get work-ready with a little feel-good makeup look 
  • That mentality you set between work and the office can be a tremendous factor in how productive we will be. Aside from dressing up, you can also do your hair and makeup. Even with just your Paige magnetic lashes, you can instantly look put together (and feel good!) in just under five minutes. With its quick and easy application and removal, you can snap them on right before your conference calls and easily remove them right after! No need to feel shy or intimidated seeing your colleagues in front of the webcam when you are looking stunning and professional in any angle with your Luxx pair!


  • Create a work schedule
  • Keeping track of the things that we have to do may seem a bit of a challenge when we’re at home. From the cooking and the cleaning, these distractions may steer us away from our tasks for the day. At the start of work, list down all the things that you need to do, and also make sure to take note of deadlines. You may even do it the way our CEO and founder, Veronica Eala does it jotting down all your tasks and deliverables on post-its and displaying them right in front of your work station. She also plans her week ahead by noting everything down on her calendar. With this method, you can always stay on top of things and never miss a deadline!


  • Designate a working space
  • Instead of working on your bed or on the couch, why not dedicate a specific space at home to work? Our Social & PR Intern, Danielle, likes to set everything aside before starting on tasks! Settling down in this designated space can help send a signal to our brain that it’s time to focus. Being productive doesn’t really happen when we’re lying down on our beds or sitting on the couch in front of the television. Try what our Creatives Head Kristine does and play a “study with me” or productive morning routine video in the background to help set the workspace mood. And here’s another tip from our Sales Lead, Mikee — bring a snack with you like you would usually do at your usual work desk!


  • Practice self-care
  • Working for an entire eight-hour workday gets tiring even if we’re just at home, doesn’t it? It’s still important to take care of ourselves at home, especially with the situation we’re currently facing. Getting some daily exercise, taking a few breaks here and there, and checking up on our family and friends can help us de-stress, even just for a bit!


    BONUS TIP: Stay connected with your workmates 

    Working at home can sometimes get lonely and difficult without hearing from our colleagues. Here at Luxx, we spice up our weekly meetings by playing Quiplash!

    Not only can this engage the team, but it also gives us the opportunity to learn more about one another! Maintaining a connection with our workmates is important in order to be more collaborative and efficient. 

    Above all else, figuring out what works best for you will definitely be for your benefit. Despite whatever speed bumps you may encounter along the way, don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for everything you’ve accomplished after a long day of work. 

    Working from home due to COVID-19 may not be what we all planned, but let us all try to make the most out of it while helping the best way we can! We all have to do our part, even if it means just simply staying home.

    Remember, we are all in this together! Make the most out of working at home by discovering what works best for you! Follow us on our Instagram page @heyluxxlash and let us know if you have any more WFH tips to share with us!