Luxx Liner “In An Instant” Set
Luxx Liner “In An Instant” Set
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Luxx Liner “In An Instant” Set

Luxx Liner “In An Instant” Set

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For the first time, Luxx brings you the #LuxxLineAndLash bundle and lash lock set—everything you’ll need for perfect lash application! Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, this duo can help you put on your favorite lash pair in an instant. Just pick up those lashes and press them on top of the liner—it’s that easy! Available for a limited time only.


  • One (1) Luxx Liner.
  • One (1) pair of Luxx Liner Lashes. 
  • One (1) Lash Lock applicator. With its sturdy build and unique shape, this non-slip Lash Lock helps you pop on your lashes in no time, even if you have shaky hands or long nails.
  • Each bubble mailer includes a How-To Apply instruction QR code.


  • Cruelty-free, chemical-free lashes
  • Non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free liner—safer than lash glue!
  • Lashes made from faux silk, handcrafted carefully strand by strand 
  • 1-2 minute application, with 1-2 second drying time
  • Wear up to 8 hours
  • Reuse the lashes up to 30 times or more


    • Apply: For best results, ensure your skin is clean, oil-free, and primed before application. Shake the Luxx Liner well before use and apply 2-3 swipes above your lash line. Let the liner dry for a few seconds. With soft to medium pressure, gently press the liner lashes on top of the liner to let them stick.
    • Remove: Gently peel off the lashes and store them back in their case. Apply cleansing oil or micellar water on a cotton pad. Place the pad on your eyes, press lightly for a few seconds, then gently wipe the liner away.
    • Clean: Place one set of your lashes on a cotton pad. Squeeze a fair amount of the Luxx Lash Cleanser on one tip of a cotton bud. Gently stroke the lashes (only) outwards until dirt and mascara debris are removed. Wet the other end of the cotton bud with water and gently clean your lashes to remove the cleanser residue. Leave your lashes to dry on the cotton pad while you do the same for the other set. To clean the liner, dip the tip in warm water then shake the liner downwards. Wipe with a clean tissue, close the cap, then shake well.
    • Store: Keep your lashes safe and at tip top shape by returning them to their case, following a curved shape.