Our Story

Behind every significant innovation is always a simple idea that inspires—helps you find a purpose. That purpose is where it all begins: the WHY. In our case, beautifying our lashes was just taking too much time, effort, and money more than it shouldunnecessary, by all means. 

To achieve effortlessly natural beauty, all lash alternatives you can think of have exaggerated the cost and effort for beauty over time. Aside from consuming a big amount of time for application, existing lash products and services have grown to be harmful since they pose the risk of damaging our real lashes.

Now, how does a hassle-free beauty routine sound like? Particularly, 5 minutes to flatter your lashes by spending significantly less time, less effort, and less cost! In this fast-paced world, time has become of utmost importance for people who are always on the go, easily and quickly adapting to new trends. Such is the lock technology of magnets that have been penetrating the realm of beauty. Through this new technology, magnetic lashes have been invented.

Simplify your daily beauty routine with effortlessly beautiful magnetic lashes! People call it magic, game changer, lifesaveryou name it! Magnetic lashes will take the beauty and cosmetics industry by a storm, revolutionizing beauty in and of itself.

Mission & Vision

Luxx Lash aspires to be an integral part of your everyday beauty routine while providing ease and convenience, promoting sustainable use, and building an inclusive beauty community for women and men alike in Asia.

We aim:

  • To provide ease and convenience by offering high-quality, reusable, lightweight, and natural-looking magnetic lashes; 
  • To promote sustainability by enabling our customers to shift to a more sustainable beauty routine through the use of our high-quality, cost-effective and reusable magnetic lashes;
  • To help create a simplified beauty routine that keeps you effortlessly beautiful everyday, anywhere, and anytime; and
  • To foster a positive, inclusive and empowered community.

Brand Values

For significantly spending less cost, less effort, and less time with Luxx Lash, you get to experience maximum ease and convenience with our products.

Because our products’ duration of use is longer than usual, you are able to practice and maintain a sustainable lifestyle.

In Luxx Lash, we ensure our products are of high-quality made from silk, handcrafted carefully strand by strand.

As a beauty brand, we help in building a diverse, positive and empowered community free from discrimination.