COVID-19 Updates

We are accepting and shipping orders!

In light of COVID-19 and the government-mandated quarantine protocols, we would like to give you an update regarding our operations.

Here at Luxx, safety is our priority. In this challenging and unprecedented time, our team has also taken the following measures as a prevention policy:

  • The team has been practicing social distancing, working in a complete work-from-home setup since the start of the Metro Manila lockdown.
  • Every product’s packaging is carefully wiped and sanitized with a microfiber cloth thoroughly before release for delivery.
  • All employees are required to undergo proper sanitation procedures such as regular handwashing and use of safe alcohol sprays before preparing every single Luxx package.
  • All customers are urged to practice social distancing with their courier riders and to disinfect their orders immediately upon delivery.
  • On further announcements and initiatives, rest assured we will always keep you updated. Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter and head on over to our website, Instagram page (@heyluxxlash), and our official Luxx Lash Facebook page for the latest updates.

We wish you all good health and utmost courage as we face this challenge ahead of us. Stay safe and keep looking ahead!



Your Luxx Team