Luxx Rewards: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Luxx Loyalty Program?

Here at Luxx, we are always searching for ways to give back to our Luxx community by spreading love through special treats, discounts and other surprises! Now we present: The Luxx Loyalty Program.

The Luxx Loyalty Program is a personal gift to you from us —

We want to improve your experience with Luxx by giving you exclusive rewards, discounts and freebies! All you have to do is sign up to be a member of our Luxx Rewards Program and start collecting points. It’s that easy!


Who is eligible to join?

Anyone with the love for lashes is more than welcome to join our Loyalty Program! There are no age or location restrictions, and both old or new customers are encouraged to sign up. All you’ll need is a valid email address, and you’re set!


How do I join the Luxx Loyalty Program?

To join the Luxx Loyalty Program, simply sign up through our website Click on the Luxx Rewards button found at the bottom left area of the page, and fill out the necessary information to get you started!

How can I start collecting points?

We’ve made earning points to get Luxx Rewards fun and easy for you! Simply shop, engage, or connect with us and the rest of the Luxx community to earn points. Here are other ways on how you can collect more points:

What are the membership benefits?

Members of the Luxx Rewards Program will be given the chance to win exclusive rewards such as products, store credits, free shipping and so much more!

How can I redeem my Luxx Rewards?

Ready to claim your rewards? We got you! Once you do the actions, you will be able to accumulate points. Based on the total points that you have collected, simply select the items that you want to claim from the catalogue that you’re eligible for. This catalogue can be accessed through the launcher or pop-up where you initially sign up.


When do my points expire?

The points you get from our Luxx Rewards program expire one year after you first begin collecting points, so act fast and redeem your exclusive gifts now!


Can I terminate my membership?

There is no official termination of your Luxx Rewards membership, but those who are no longer interested can just simply pull out of the program by  ending their participation.