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We won’t be able to achieve sustainability on our own. Because collaboration is essential to our #BeyondBeauty efforts, we've partnered with social and environmental organizations to help empower you and join us on this journey toward simple sustainability!


Offset your Plastic with The PLAF!

With just a few pesos, you’ll be able to offset the plastic footprint made from your Luxx purchase. The average amount to offset a lash purchase is Php5.00, but you are free to donate any amount you see fit!

💡 Your plastic footprint is the amount of plastic you consume and dispose of. You may balance the impact of your footprint by compensating or offsetting a certain amount, given to organizations with efforts relating to the plastic crisis.
Your donations will be given directly to The PLAF, a social enterprise collecting and repurposing plastic waste. This will help fund their operations in upcycling plastic into usable and durable materials. Learn more about the PLAF here

Current Status

We have collected Php580 from 43 wonderful donors so far! This compensates to 5.8kg of plastic, or approximately 1,160 Luxx products (this is an amazing win!).

*Figures reflect Aug 2021 to Jan 2022 performance and to be updated monthly.

Pledge to our social welfare partner!

You also have an opportunity to donate to our partner beneficiary! Recently, we have partnered with Segunda Mana. the donations-in-kind program of Caritas Manila, aiming to help the poor help themselves. The funds will be used to support the college education of their youth scholars, among others! Learn more about Segunda Mana here.


From a 3-month period, we have raised Php550 from 8 donors by Pledging! Along with this, we have committed to donating 15% of the proceeds from the #JoyOfGiving Lash sets sold during the holidays. In total, we have raised Php8,021.70 for Segunda Mana!

This partnership has ended, so stay tuned for our next partner coming soon!

Plant a Tree with EcoShip Asia!

For those residing in Metro Manila, you can plant a tree just by shopping at Luxx! Our Standard Delivery option uses EcoShip Asia, the country's first and only green logistics partner providing an eco-friendly shipping service.

For every 25 parcels delivered, they plant 1 tree! Learn more about EcoShip Asia here.

Current Status

Together, we have planted 19 trees!

*Figures reflect Aug 2021 to Jan 2022 performance and to be updated monthly.