Luxx #BeyondBeauty Eco Liner Lashes (Singles)
Luxx #BeyondBeauty Eco Liner Lashes (Singles)
Luxx #BeyondBeauty Eco Liner Lashes (Singles)
Luxx #BeyondBeauty Eco Liner Lashes (Singles)
Luxx #BeyondBeauty Eco Liner Lashes (Singles)
Luxx #BeyondBeauty Eco Liner Lashes (Singles)
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Luxx #BeyondBeauty Eco Liner Lashes (Singles)

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EASY. ESSENTIAL. ECO. Meet your must-have Luxx Liner Lashes, but in an eco-friendly version! 

Our liner lashes are reusable for 4 months or more, and our new eco-packaging line is made with 100% compostable sugarcane and kraft materials (all responsibly sourced, too). By lessening landfill waste, YOU are able to help:

  • Keep oceans and soils free from degradation from pollution, and
  • Minimize greenhouse gas emissions from unnatural degradation of waste within the landfill!

Whether you reuse your current lash case or use our eco-packaging all the way — every Luxx purchase helps you create a healthier and safer planet. Who says your love for beauty can’t create an impact?

Need help in choosing the right pair for you? Take our quiz or head over here to learn more about our different styles.

*The Liner Lashes must be paired with the Luxx Liner. The Luxx Liner is sold separately. To purchase the Eco Liner Lashes bundle, shop here


  • Reusable for 30 times or more (that’s 4 months if worn occasionally, and 2 months if worn everyday!) — a longer lifespan of a product allows for lessened micro-waste in landfills, water bodies, and other areas affected by plastic pollution. 
  • Vegan and cruelty-free — did you know that products that do not involve animal testing create healthier ecosystems? 
  • Non-toxic ingredients — this ensures that our waterways, soils, and air remain clean!
  • Made from faux mink sourced from Korea, handcrafted carefully strand by strand
  • Wearable for up to 8 hours when paired with the Luxx Liner
  • 1-2 minute application (must be applied with the Luxx Liner)


  • The lash tray is made of sugarcane material. Why sugarcane? In sugar production, juices are extracted from a sugarcane stalk. Once processed, the fibers often get discarded as waste. Transforming this potential waste into a durable packaging gives it a new life that eliminates carbon emissions, all while supporting farmers that grow them! 
  • The sleeve, mailer, and card are made of kraft material. Why kraft? Raw kraft paper is typically produced from wood pulp with no color dyes, making it less toxic in production and can be disposed of responsibly. 
  • Recyclable and compostable. 100% of the Beyond Beauty Eco-Packaging can be recycled and composted.
  • Purchase the eco-packaging to refill your original Luxx case, or use it as is. 


  • Apply: For best results, ensure your skin is clean, oil-free, and primed before application. Shake the Luxx Liner well before use and apply 2-3 swipes above your lash line. Let the liner dry for a few seconds. With soft to medium pressure, gently press the liner lashes on top of the liner to let them stick.
  • Remove: Gently peel off the lashes and store them back in their case. Apply cleansing oil or micellar water on a cotton pad. Place the pad on your eyes, press lightly for a few seconds, then gently wipe the liner away. 
  • Store: Keep your lashes safe and at tip top shape by returning them to their case, following a curved shape.


Composting is breaking down organic matter to improve soil nutrients and water retention. It’s a great way to lessen waste and care for your plants! There are many ways to set up a compost bin at home, but here is one of the simplest ways to start: 

  • Begin chopping up or tearing your compostable waste, and layer it in a bin! 
- Start with your “browns”: dried leaves, nontoxic paper or cardboard, and the #BeyondBeauty Eco-Packaging! 
- Then, add your kitchen waste, or “greens”: fruit and vegetable scraps and egg shells are a great start. Be sure to research what you CANNOT compost, such as dairy, meat, and oils. 
- Alternate between browns and greens until the bin is filled! 
    • Mix your compost pile, Lightly water, and cover with plastic or a lid. 
    • It takes about 6 or so weeks to turn into compost that you can add to your plants’ soil! 
    • To speed up the process, you can: 
    - Place your bin in the sun
    - Ensure your bin has airflow (drill holes in the bottom and sides, or use a laundry basket)
    - Mix your compost pile more often throughout the week.