Everything You Need to Know About Adhesive Liner and Lashes

Finding your perfect pair of lashes is a bit of a challenge for some.  With so many options to choose from, how are you to know which one’s the best for you? To help you make your pick, we’re here to breakdown everything about one of the contenders in the ultimate lash race: adhesive liner lashes!

What are adhesive liner lashes?

Adhesive liner lashes have been all over TikTok -- for obvious reasons. This lash innovation speeds up the application process by tenfold; all you need to do is line your eyes as you normally would with regular liner, pop on your lashes, and voila! Fuller lashes in an instant! Couldn’t be easier, right?

Many adhesive liners use the same ingredients as traditional lash glue; it’s pretty much the same product made more user-friendly. But the Luxx Liner takes it a notch higher: with glue-free, magnet-free, pressure-sensitive adhesive!

The Luxx Liner also comes in three shades - Clear, Black, and Brown - giving you the flexibility to change up your look, without the irritation or strong, stingy feeling that traditional lash glues tend to have due to their aggressive formulation.

How is it possible for lashes to stick to liner using only pressure?

We know it sounds too good to be true, but it’s all thanks to new beauty innovations! The Luxx adhesive liner is formulated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive that, with soft to medium pressure, allows the lashes to bond with the liner without the use of glue or magnets.

How is pressure-sensitive adhesive liner different from lash glue and liner glue?

The pressure-sensitive adhesive liner is not only way easier to apply than traditional lash glue; it’s also a lot safer. Lash glue is one of the most toxic beauty products on the market, and many variants contain a multitude of harmful chemicals which can cause skin irritation, redness, and swelling. 

The Luxx Adhesive Liner’s pressure-sensitive liner is non-toxic, vegan, and completely chemical-free! It’s a look that packs a punch but is gentle on the eyes too.

Fun fact: our liner has the least number of ingredients globally!

PRO-TIP: On that eco train? All of our Adhesive Liner styles are also available in our #BeyondBeauty Eco Lash Collection. Each pair of lashes from our Eco collection comes in sustainable packaging, made with 100% compostable sugarcane and kraft materials (all responsibly sourced, too) to help you create a healthier and safer planet.

What are the different kinds of adhesive liner lashes?

Lashes that go with adhesive liner come in all shapes and sizes. Different kinds of lashes have varying lash types, band types, and materials. Keep reading to find the best fit for you!

Lash types: 3D vs 2D vs 5D

The look of your lashes depends on the lash type you choose: the popular lash types are 2D, 3D, and 5D. The “D” stands for dimension, while the number indicates how many individual hairs are applied to each of your natural lashes. 

Go for 2D lashes if you’re looking for that natural, eye-lifting vibe (a.k.a. our Luxx Magnetic Lashes *wink wink*), while 5D lashes are your best bet if you really want to add that extra oomph to your eye look. 

Luxx Adhesive Liner Lashes are 3D to make sure that your lash game hits the perfect balance between subtle and dramatic. We also have different liner lash styles for every occasion, from casual grocery runs to fancy online bridal showers!

PRO-TIP: Check out our most natural Adhesive Liner Lashes - Kali. Feathery, lightweight, and effortless, The Kali adhesive eyeliner lashes will leave you with a naturally stunning look. Easy to wear, everywhere - empowering you be at your best all day, every day.

Band types: Silicone vs Plastic vs Cotton

A lash band is the strip that connects all the individual lash hairs, and the part of the lashes that adheres to your liner. Lash bands have a big impact on the comfort and fit of your lashes, and are mainly made out of three materials: silicone, plastic, and cotton.

  • Thicker and most durable
  • Easier to apply for beginners
    • Stiffer band
    • Uncomfortable for long wear
    • Can cause allergic reactions
    • Not eco-friendly or sustainable


    • Durable and long lasting
    • More ocean-friendly than plastic
    • Semi-flexible


    • Not biodegradable
    • Not sustainably sourced and processed


    • Soft and flexible
    • Comfortable to wear
    • Easily adjusts to your eye shape
    • Blends well with your real lash line
    • Biodegradable, eco-friendly, and sustainably sourced
    • Pairs best with adhesive liner


    • Possibility of deformation if not stored with proper care



        Luxx Liner lashes use cotton bands for eco-friendly lashes that give you maximum comfort and flexibility! Plus, the cotton band works best with the Luxx Adhesive Liner making it the perfect pair for instantly fuller lashes.

        Lash material: Acrylic vs Silk vs Faux Mink

        Not all lashes are created equal. The material used to make lashes can make or break your entire lash experience! The three most common types are acrylic lashes, silk lashes, and faux mink lashes.

        • The OG material for fake lashes
        • Coarser, shinier, and heavier
        • Least natural looking
        • Uncomfortable for long wear 
        • Suitable for only 1-3 uses
        • Not sustainable
        • and eco-friendly
        • Lightweight and natural looking
        • Flexible and durable; good at retaining shape
        • Shiny, “silk-like” finish
        • May not be vegan
        Faux Mink
        • Thinnest and most lightweight; up to 30% lighter than silk lashes
        • Maintains a curl well
        • Most similar to natural lashes
        • Eco-friendly and sustainable


        Our eco-friendly Luxx Adhesive Liner lashes are made from faux mink and carefully handcrafted strand by strand. Not only are they vegan, cruelty-free and chemical-free; they’re also reusable and recyclable!

        Which are the best adhesive liner lashes for you?

        Now that you know all about adhesive liner lashes, it’s time for you to make your pick! Remember, the best pair of lashes is the one that fits your lifestyle and lash style. 

        If you’re curious about our Luxx Liner lashes, you can head on over to our Luxx Adhesive Liner Lashes collection page to find out more. You can also check out our shop page to find the perfect pair for you; our Luxx Liner lashes are for everyone, because everyone can line and lash!

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