Our Story

Behind every significant innovation is always a simple, inspiring idea that comes with a purpose: the WHY.

In 2018, Luxx Lash was founded on the belief that beauty brands have the responsibility to quickly adapt to new trends and the evolving needs and priorities of the community. In our case, enhancing our lashes was just taking too much time, effort, cost—and even damage. And with safety and convenience becoming of significant importance to the average consumer, game-changing innovations for eyelashes have been invented.

But it’s more than just the product.

As a beauty brand, we care about leaving a positive impact on our community and our planet, working together in acting on issues that matter to us.

The beauty industry is one of the biggest sources of packaging waste—producing ⅓ of landfill waste, spilling over (literally and figuratively!) to the long-term. Locally, sustainability is not in the forefront when it comes to the consumer’s lifestyle priorities. Greenwashing deceives consumers into believing that a company’s products and policies are environmentally friendly through false information or lack of transparency. 

And this was why we created the Beyond Beauty Project: Transcending our role in the local beauty space by taking responsibility not only to advocate but to also act. Using our platform to positively influence and impact.

Going into this journey as a brand and as individual members of society means doing our part in this collective movement:

  • EDUCATE: Constantly educating ourselves and building on our knowledge on sustainability;
  • CREATE: Creating educational materials on mindful consumption, conscious beauty and sustainability;
  • INNOVATE: Innovating a new eco-packaging line;
  • COMMUNICATE: Communicating and practicing transparency in our initiatives - environmental, social. and financial;
  • COLLABORATE: Forming and nurturing partnerships supporting sustainability and gender equality, and women empowerment;
  • PARTICIPATE: Creating personal sustainability-related goals and practices in our respective homes.

But it doesn’t end here. 

Being a “project,” this means that this effort is a work in progress—collaborative and constantly improving. And we can’t do it without your help. As a member of our community, you have the opportunity to:

  • STRENGTHEN: Strengthen your knowledge on sustainability and sustainable living practices;
  • MINIMIZE: Minimize your carbon footprint through mindful consumption and proper disposal;
  • CONTRIBUTE: Contribute to and participate in environmental, social, and financial initiatives —whether through us or our partners; and
  • CREATE: Create a loop of change by inspiring your peers to do the same.

Together, let’s create a healthier and safer home for the future. 

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Our Vision

Creating a simple beauty experience that cares for you and our planet.


Our Mission

A world where beauty’s impact goes beyond you.


Here at Luxx, we value...


Our purpose doesn’t end with the product! As a beauty brand, we care about leaving a positive impact to our community and our planet, working together in acting on issues that matter to us.
Let’s keep it real! In a world cluttered with filters and technologies, we choose authenticity and sensitivity, maintaining our integrity towards our values, beliefs, products, and processes.
In all that we do, we give our best. With utmost passion, we are committed to delivering high quality results through creativity and innovation, constantly holding ourselves accountable and improving on the products we create for you.
Here at Luxx, we welcome everyone and treat them with mutual respect—regardless of gender, age, physical appearance, and culture and belief. Everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful, and that includes you!