Meet the Beyond Beauty Project

The Beyond Beauty Project symbolizes our commitment to sustainability, cruelty-free beauty, gender equality, and women empowerment.

Purpose-led. People and planet.
This is our first step in creating a better world.
Transcending our role in the local beauty space by taking responsibility not only to advocate but to also act.

Using our platform to positively influence and impact.

Providing our community with opportunities to contribute to a collective movement for all.


We know—it’s a lot to think about and it can get overwhelming, too! While it’s difficult to go 100% sustainable, taking the time to educate ourselves and do what we can—no matter how small—can create an impact too.

In fact, education is likely the first and most important step in any journey towards a sustainable world
—allowing us to understand our motivations and possible negative or positive impacts on the future, pushing one another to ask questions, and consequently even driving governments and businesses to come up with solutions.

  • FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS: The future generations (your kids and grandkids!) will be able to sustain their lives and live in harmony with our natural world rather than apart from it.
  • FOR REGENERATION: We will take only what we need and leave the rest to thrive or regenerate.
  • FOR WASTE REDUCTIONWhen we limit plastic waste and pollution, we are lessening micro-waste in landfills, water bodies, and other areas affected.
  • FOR CLEANER AIR, WATER, AND SOILThrough efforts such as lessening chemicals and practicing proper disposal, we are able to benefit from clean air, waterways, and soils.
  • FOR HEALTHIER ECOSYSTEMS: We experience healthier ecosystems; animals will then be allowed to not only live their lives fully, but also naturally as they play the role they were born to do in our world’s natural and complex ecosystems.
  • FOR REDUCED CARBON FOOTPRINT: A reduced carbon footprint means a healthier and safer home for all.

  • WOMEN & LGBTQIA+ COMMUNITIES: We are able to uplift women, the LGBTQ+ community, as well as local and other vulnerable communities.
  • INCREASED POSITIVE OPPORTUNITIESWe create increased positive opportunities for people to find jobs and their place in society. Through this, we are able to uplift humanity.
  • JUST COMPENSATION AND RESPECT: Everyone working is compensated well, and they are treated with dignity and respect.

Everyone has their own reasons but ultimately, we're in this purpose-driven journey together. Join us as we create a healthier and safer home for the future.