Meet the Beyond Beauty Project

Part of the 
Beyond Beauty Project journey is ensuring that societies are supported by proper structures and systems in order to create healthy and livable communities for current and future generations.
As a brand, we too have the responsibility to create a positive impact on people and our society. The road isn’t easy, but it’s a start! Here’s how we’re supporting social sustainability:

We give back to local communities through our fundraising initiatives.

We value every team member.

Practicing equality and diversity.

Everyone deserves to be treated with mutual care and respect no matter their differences! As an all-women team, we are working hard to ensure everyone is represented in all that we do—our external partnerships, our messaging, as well as our customer features and collaborations.

Promoting health and wellness within the workplace.

Our team’s health and wellness matters to us too! Recently, we’ve been practicing the following:

Frequent team check-ups
Performance Development Plan
Quarterly Pulse Survey
Mental Health Week
Mental health leaves
Team building and bonding activities

      We honor our commitment to remain honest and transparent within and outside our company.

      Whether it’s about our products, processes, or initiatives, we are consciously trying to practice honesty and transparency by keeping you up to date with our latest initiatives!