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Have you ever wondered why you can never quite ace the makeup tutorials done by beauty gurus on YouTube?

The answer: Most of the beauty gurus we see on TikTok or YouTube know their face the best to be able to put on the perfect makeup styles that suit them! Here’s a little insider tip: it goes a long way to familiarize yourself with your face shape, your bone structure, and one of the most important and impacting features of your face -- your eye shape.

Why is my eye shape important for me to know?

Knowing your eye shape is one of the best kept secrets when it comes to achieving the most appealing makeup for you. Catering your makeup looks based on what your eye shape is will instantly enhance  your facial features!

By understanding and knowing  your eye shape, you can pull off any look from that everyday light and wispy lash makeup to full-on volumizing lashes paired with the sleekest winged liner for your night outs! 

So, what’s my eye shape? How do I determine my eye shape easily?

To get you started, we’ve laid out 4 of the most popular eye shapes (monolid, hooded, round and almond) as well as their distinctive characteristics to help you find your own.

Hint: the crease in your eyes plays a big part in determining its shape! 

Monolid Eye Shape

Monolid eye shapes are mostly seen on East Asians. The crease lines for monolids are typically unseen. In most cases, the upper eyelid is not visible.  The best styles for monolid-shaped eyes: Paige and Elle Magnetic Lashes and Iris and Ziva Liner Lashes.

Why these lashes work for monolid eye shapes:

These lashes add a minimal and natural-looking depth and volume to Asian eyes to help in enhancing the rest of your facial features.


Hooded Eye Shape

Hooded eye shapes usually come with a heavy brow bone and the crease is deep-set. The best styles for hooded-shaped eyes: Paige and Bonita Magnetic Lashes and Iris and Ziva Liner Lashes.

Why these lashes work for hooded eye shapes:

These range of these lashes is perfect for making the eyes pop given there is not a lot of eyelid space for hooded eye shapes.

Round Eye Shape

Round eye shapes commonly bring about large and prominent eyes. The corners are rounded and the whites around the cornea are visible. The best styles for round-shaped eyes: Aeva and Bonita Magnetic Lashes and Luna and Selene Liner Lashes.

Why these lashes work for round eye shapes:

These lashes range from subtle to subtly dramatic, deepening and accentuating the round eye shape.

Almond Eye Shape

Almond eye shapes have a long width. The eyelids are visible and the corners are typically tapered to a point. The best styles for almond-shaped eyes: Paige and Aeva Magnetic Lashes and Iris and Selene Liner Lashes.

Why these lashes work for almond eye shapes:

These lashes match the long width of the almond eye shape as well as highlight the ends of the eyes with strands that extend on the lash’s outer end.

Here are Luxx, we value revolutionizing your beauty routine in the most convenient and easy way possible. We’ve decided to make the journey of finding your eye shape and the perfect lashes to suit it easier for you! 

Introducing the Luxx #Lashalyzer

It is a FREE lash one-on-one consultation done by lash experts to help you choose the perfect lashes for you based on your own eye shape! By getting #Lashalyzed, our lash experts can determine  your eye shape, recommend the best lash styles for you, and even answer your questions about all things lashes, eye shapes, and beauty!

Trying to buy the perfect lashes for you? Look no further! Luxx #Lashalyzer is here to instantly determine your eye shape and the lashes that fit you.

How to get Luxx #Lashalyzed:

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  2. SEND: Send us a clear photo of your eye shape.
  3. SHARE: Share with us your questions about all things lashes! We’d love to help you out.

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Watch to see the Luxx Lashalyzer in action here!


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