Luxx Flash Talk with Cessi Treñas

Introducing: Luxx FLash Talks! Inspired by the age-old classroom slam book, we will be asking beauty experts, makeup enthusiasts, lifestyle gurus, and content creators from our Luxx community a set of lash and lifestyle questions that can be answered in a flash. Why? Because we know there is so much that we can learn from each and every one of you! 

So, for our first ever Luxx Flash Talk, we passed the pages over to Cessi Treñas, the Beauty content lead for Wonder Mag PH, to get her inspirational intel on lifestyle tips and Luxx lash experiences! She’s a writer, beauty director, occasional stylist, and self-proclaimed professional fangirl. 

Whether it’s trying out all kinds of new hobbies, listening to and watching your guilty pleasures, or daydreaming about your favorite people and places-- there are many ways to show yourself and the world around you some love! After all, if an expert like Cessi finds beauty in these things, so can you! 


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