Luxx Lash Care: Ensuring Your Lashes Live a Long and Beautiful Life

You may have heard that the Luxx Magnetic Lashes can be reused for
up to 50 times, and the Luxx Liner Lash Bundles can be reused for up to 30 times. However, these numbers are simply an estimated lifespan.

Here at Luxx, we believe that a good lash pair isn’t something you throw away after one, two, or even three uses (all that waste? No thanks!). A good lash pair is one that becomes a staple in your daily routines, helping you reduce your beauty waste overall and feel beautiful whenever you need it... for the days, months, and years to come!

So, to help you give your favorite Luxx Lash pair the longest life possible, here are some simple tips you can follow: 


First, clean your Luxx Lash pair consistently. 

Place your lash pair on a cotton pad, and soak a q-tip with the Luxx Lash Cleanser. If you are looking for an emergency solution, you may also use a mixture of dishwashing soap or baby shampoo with water. These are gentle solutions that will ensure the quality of your lashes are not affected when removing dirt, debris, and makeup residue. 

With your q-tip soaked in the Lash Cleanser, gently stroke the lash strands outwards from the base to the ends of the strands. Repeat this until squeaky clean! Then, take the dry end of a q-tip and remove any excess cleanser present on your lashes. Making sure your favorite lash pair is clean, makes sure you’re reaping all the benefits of magnetic lashes or liner lashes-- reusability and safe for your eyes! 

If you’re also looking to clean or revive your Luxx Liner, simply shake it, dip the felt pen tip in hot water, and shake again! Finish this by gently wiping the pen tip on a tissue to remove any excess water. Remember to keep the cap on whenever it’s not in use!

Then, handle your Luxx Lash pair gently and store them properly. 

While the Luxx Magnetic Lashes and Luxx Liner Lashes hardly budge when worn, they still have a very lightweight quality to them since the material is premium faux mink sourced from South Korea, the world’s current beauty capital. This makes them seem relatively fragile when holding them between your fingers. Remember to be gentle when both applying, removing, and storing your Luxx Lash pair!

Storing your Luxx Lash pair properly simply means placing them back into their box in the way that it was when you first received them! Generally, your lash pair will need to stay curved when stored, and both boxes have been designed to help you do so! The box of the Luxx Magnetic Lashes has a magnetic base that allows the top and bottom lashes to stick to them instantly! The box of the Luxx Liner Lashes has two curves within its packaging, and all you need to do is follow the curve when gently placing your lashes back in the box.

Finally, close the box and display them on your beauty stand so they are ready to be used again and again whenever you need them! 


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