Luxx Liner and Lashes: Everything You Need to Know

With its famous magnetic lashes, Luxx Lash has created a beauty product that is safe and easy to use with four distinct lash styles perfect for any occasion! Now with its newest game-changing product, the Luxx Liner and Lashes, Luxx has come up with a product that beginners to experts alike will surely come to love.

But what is so different about them, really? Is the liner made of glue? Are there magnets involved? How do I use them? 


We know that you might have quite a few questions about Luxx’s newest game-changing product. So to navigate your use of this liner-lash dynamic duo, here are the answers to the frequently asked questions about Luxx Liner and Lashes


What are the Luxx Liner and Lashes?

The Luxx Liner is a cruelty-free, non-toxic, and vegan eyeliner that is safer than the usual lash glues that come with disposable false eyelashes. Luxx Liner is formulated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive that, with soft to medium pressure, allows the Luxx Liner Lashes to bond with the liner without the use of glue or magnets.

How do I apply it?

Begin the liner application by shaking the Luxx Liner well, and then apply 2-3 swipes just above your lash line. Let the Liner dry for a few seconds. Once the Liner has dried, gently press the lashes on top of the Liner with soft to medium pressure. That’s it! Quick and easy application with no mess and no damage!


*If you have naturally oily lids and will be staying in an area that is considerably warm, it is recommended that you apply a primer to your eyelid before applying the Luxx Liner. 


Can I use any type of lashes with the Luxx Liner?

Not just any type of lashes can be used. The lashes that are paired in this duo are specially designed for the Luxx Liner!

Is the Luxx Liner smudge-proof, waterproof, and sweatproof? 

The Luxx Liner is not smudge-proof, waterproof, and sweatproof as it is temperature-sensitive. For best results, ensure your skin is clean, oil-free, and primed before application!


Does skin type matter when it comes to the liner wear?

Yes, oily skin in particular affects liner application. It is best to prime your lids with a primer and translucent powder or eyeshadow! 

Can I wear the Luxx Liner without the lashes?

It is not recommended to wear the liner on its own! As the liner is made to be paired with these specific lashes, it is not meant for long-wearing eyeliner use as regular eyeliners.


What type of finish does the Luxx Liner have?

The liner has a matte finish. Luxx lashes’ bands are also made to give the liner a seamless matte look.


Are the Luxx Liner and Liner Lashes reusable? 

Yes, you can easily reapply the lashes by applying another coat of the liner. You may also reapply the Luxx Liner to touch-up your eyes’ inner and outer corners for a stronger hold!

How do I remove the Luxx Liner?

Micellar water and cleansing oil work best in removing the liner. Begin by soaking a cotton pad with micellar water or cleansing oil, place it on your lids for a few seconds to allow the liner to transfer to the cotton pad, then gently wipe over the eyes. Make sure you don’t rub or apply too much pressure!


How do I maintain my Luxx Liner and Lashes?

Since you can use your Liner Lashes up to 30 times or more, be sure to maintain the lashes through proper cleaning and storage! Like Luxx magnetic lashes, you may use the Lash Cleanser or a solution of water mixed with baby shampoo or dishwashing soap to gently clean the lashes. When returning them to their case, make sure that the lashes are curved. 


As for your Luxx Liner, dip the liner in hot water, shake well downwards, and wipe with clean tissue for proper maintenance! Close it with the cap, then shake again downwards. Make sure to store the liner at cool room temperature, and to keep the cap on when not in use!


Does it expire?

For best results, the liner may be used up to 6 months after first opening. If used every day, it is best used for up to 2 months! 

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