Magnetic Eyelashes vs Glue-on Falsies: What’s the difference?

If you’re someone who only recently heard about magnetic lashes, it can sound a little confusing at first (and maybe a little scary!). We’re here to give you the run-down on what magnetic eyelashes are and how it’s different from the glue-on false lashes you’re used to!

What in the world are magnetic eyelashes?

Magnetic eyelashes can come in different forms. But here at Luxx, magnetic lashes are made up of a magnetic top lash, and two bottom lashes that sandwich your natural eyelashes between them! While this may seem like a lot, the magnets feel just as light, if not lighter than regular glue-on falsies. And yes, they’re safe for the eyes, too!

The benefits of magnetic eyelashes

Premium quality and reusable

Luxx magnetic lashes are carefully crafted by skilled hands, and sourced from the beauty capital of the world (South Korea)-- ensuring that like many of their beauty products, are made with only the finest materials that are sure to not only make you feel good, but also last! You can reuse these magnetic lashes for up to 7 months, and can last much longer if you don’t use them daily and maintain them well!

Magnetic lashes are safe, with no harmful chemicals

Unlike glue-on falsies, Luxx magnetic lashes have no need for glue, treatments, or anything else that might irritate your eyes. They do only what they are meant to do: brighten your eyes in the safest and most straightforward way possible.

You can wear these lashes all day, doing anything and everything

Since these magnetic lashes don’t use glue and just rely only on magnets to stay on your natural eyelashes, they can be worn for hours on end without the need to reapply. The use of magnets alone also means that these lashes are sweatproof, water-resistant, and wind-resistant! We really meant it when we said you can do anything and everything!

Cruelty-free lashes

That’s right! Luxx magnetic eyelashes don’t only benefit you, but they are also safe for animals, too! Many false eyelashes, including glue-on falsies, are made with mink fur. If you look these animals up on Google, you’ll see that their fur is short, soft, and fine-- much like our natural eyelashes! But is it necessary? Thankfully, Luxx’s magnetic lashes are made from faux mink, which imitate the lightweight and natural quality of mink fur, but don’t use them at all!

Benefits of Magnetic Lashes vs Glue-On Falsies

For many, glue-on falsies are difficult, messy, and need to be repurchased multiple times due to breakage or glue build-up. Yet, for others, they are a beneficial makeup routine staple. In either case, magnetic eyelashes can be a total game-changer. While they may not be the absolute easiest to apply for lash beginners, they surely remove that extra time, extra steps, and you won’t have to worry about glueing your eyelids shut!

 Magnetic Lashes

Glue-on Falsies


  • Easy removal 
  • No drying time
  • Reusable
  • Lightweight
  • Water and wind resistant


  • Application learning curve
  • Includes small parts
  • Less online info and tutorials


  • Many tutorials on flasies
  • Lash glue is versatile
  • Larger variety of styles


  • Application learning curve
  • Lengthy drying time 
  • Glue build-up on lashes and eyelids

    In conclusion, the best lashes for you are...

    Totally up to you! We’ve given you the facts, the benefits of magnetic lashes, and everything about glue-on falsies and it’s up to you to decide which one is fit for you and your lifestyle. To find out more about the Luxx magnetic lashes, you may visit our FAQ page, or simply head on over to our shop page to find the perfect magnetic eyelash pair for you.

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