My Mamita Tries Luxx: 3 Generations Tell Us Why They Love Their Liner Lashes

Feeling beautiful and empowered never goes out of style-- it’s just about finding new and different ways to do so. As we age, our makeup and beauty routines tend to change over time. Aside from the fact that our faces do look a little different with every decade, we also tend to make changes to adapt to new needs, trends, or routines.  

This week, we talked to 24-year-old Arianna, her mom Tina, and her grandmother (a.k.a Mamita) Cynthia on the different ways they express themselves in their beauty routines. While they may all come from different generations with different routines, one thing ties them all together: their love for Luxx’s Liner Lashes.


For me, each day is different. Aside from occasionally hanging out with loved ones, or hopping onto online meetings, a lot of my week consists of copywriting and creating content for Luxx. Hence, I spend a lot of time experimenting with makeup styles and looks! 

My love for makeup started in my early teens since that was the time I started performing on stage. As you can imagine, it was a lot of bold looks -- intense contour and highlight, block eyebrows, and the occasional false eyelashes.

In years that followed, I learned to tone down my look. I used less contour and highlight, went for more natural brows, ditched the plastic-y false eyelashes completely (I could never do them myself anyway), and opted for a liquid eyeliner cat-eye look instead with several coats of waterproof mascara. By the end of college, I realized I lost a lot of my natural eyelashes because I never removed the mascara completely. When I graduated during the pandemic, I made the decision to stop using so much mascara. But I felt that my eyes looked so naked!

Thankfully, I joined the Luxx team soon after and discovered the magic of a good pair of lashes. My personal favorite Luxx collection are the #LuxxLineAndLash Bundles with the Black Luxx Liner. It was such a game changer! The way I could swipe on my favorite cat-eye liner look and press the lashes on top of it-- I can vividly remember my jaw dropping. Now a makeup look never feels complete without it.

Whether it’s the Selene Liner lash pair, or any of the other styles, it’s just so fun to mix up styles to express myself. I instantly feel more confident, bringing out my expressive theatrical side no matter what I do or who I’m with (yup, even if I’m just with me!).


I work from home now as the head of Australian International School, Manila. As head of school, I have virtual meetings with teachers, parents, students, and staff everyday from 7am onwards. On some days, we also have virtual events like assemblies, graduations, theater productions, and more, where I’m expected to be present on-camera from beginning to end. With such full days in my week, I wake up at 6:30am everyday, and have only 30 minutes to get ready. My mornings move fast! My makeup routine is always one I can do in under 5 minutes, so that I have time to make some coffee and do some light stretching. 

With leading a school comes a need to look presentable, positive, and professional at all times. This is why each morning I make it a point to dress up and put even the slightest amount of makeup before even heading downstairs. Looking and feeling dressed up helps me set my mindset to take on whatever will happen in my day to day (everyday is different in a school, after all). I feel that when I have this mindset, I feel more confident and focused on helping others.
I have the Luna #LuxxLineAndLash Bundle, with the Luxx Liner in Clear, which I make sure to use during school events and more formal meetings. Since I do wear reading glasses, my eyes tend to get lost. With these lashes, I find that it emphasizes my eyes and elevates my look and feel to a whole new level. Best of all, it was so easy to learn and just got easier and easier in the 4 months I’ve been using it.  




Once I get up, I switch on the news and make sure I exercise before anything else. Then that’s when I start getting dressed up and made up to start my day. My days are always filled with meetings, both online and off-- Aside from being CEO of Corregidor Island, I’m also the treasurer of the Philippine Olympics Committee and the president of the Philippines Gymnastic Association. Recently, it’s been extra busy since we’re finally getting the athletes back to training for the SEA Games (plus prepping Carlos Yulo for the Olympics!). 

Makeup is always the last step yet it’s always important to me, like the ribbon that ties that whole gift together. It helps me feel strong, confident, and empowered to meet all kinds of people from all over the country and the world. And the bow on top? Lashes!
 I lived through the 60s, which was a time that false lashes we’re such a trend! But the glue-on lashes were a trend I never really hopped onto. Personally, it was way too difficult, but I can also honestly say that the importance of lashes to a look is ingrained in me. Over the years, I’ve tried all kinds of eyelash trends. I tried lash extensions but they irritated my eyes. I also tried the lash lift but even that didn’t last long. You can say I tried everything already. Then finally, last month, I got to try the Iris #LuxxLineAndLash Bundle with the Luxx Liner in Clear, and it’s been the easiest to apply! It helps me prepare for my long busy days instantly. 

Always go out of your way to discover and try out new things. Surround yourself with young people, and keep up with the times-- you never know what you’ll find, it may just change your life!

What’s the final verdict?

No matter the age or generation, there is something for anyone to love in the Luxx Liner Lash and Luxx Liner dynamic duo. Express yourself in any way you choose with the variety in lash styles, and feel instantly empowered in the fullness of black liner or the freedom of clear liner. Trust us, your routine is about to change for the better. 

Shop the #LuxxLineAndLash Bundles with the Luxx Liner in either Black or Clear on today.

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