Why We Celebrate Earth Day: A Beauty Perspective

 When we think of beauty products like creams, conditioner, or concealers, we tend to focus on how well they perform for us. We tend to forget that while these things we buy may make us feel beautiful for a moment in time, they have the potential to deteriorate the natural world we live in. From continuously buying and throwing away plastic bottles, to releasing harmful chemicals into waterways, there have been numerous detrimental effects caused by the beauty industry that are decades in the making.

Thankfully, beauty brands are coming together and joining the movement towards beauty that can both make us feel beautiful… and ensure a beautiful world around us and our future generations, too!

With the rise of sustainability and the growing threat of climate change, a growing number of beauty brands have adapted towards more environmentally friendly practices. According to a report, the global vegan and eco-friendly cosmetics market is set to reach $20.8 billion by 2025 just imagine how many animals, coral reefs, and forests may begin to thrive from that change alone!
As a brand that is motivated behind the wellness and beauty of not just individuals, but the Earth itself, Luxx aims to take part in the movement towards a greener world. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has noted that one third of landfills come from the  single-use plastics and materials used in beauty products. As an effort to lessen this type of waste, Luxx is taking steps to improve the reusability of our products, and improve the compostability of our packaging! Not only that, but every Luxx lash pair is made with premium quality, non toxic, cruelty-free, and chemical-free materials.  

Now, you may be asking yourself:
What can I do to be a part of this movement?

There are many different ways you can do your part, even from home. You may choose to invest in quality and reusability to ensure a product's longer lifespan to lessen waste. You may choose to learn to understand the ingredients listed on the back of a product to ensure our animals are able to thrive, along with the habitats they live in. These are just to mention a few.
However, the most powerful stand you as a beauty consumer may be able this Earth Day 2021 to take is to influence both beauty brands and their consumers. By shopping with the Earth in mind, and convincing others to do the same is what will create the demand for the movement to continue.

We celebrate Earth Day to remind ourselves to take part in this movement not just for one day, but everyday. After all, beauty is not only about ourselves, but also about caring for the beautiful world that we call home.

Here at Luxx, we are celebrating Earth Day 2021 alongside One Million Lights, Philippines-- an initiative that aims to bring clean, safe, and affordable solar-powered lamps to Filipino communities that have no access to electricity and resort to hazardous solutions.

Baliguian, Camarines Sur is a Filipino fishing community that, like millions of other Filipinos, have no access to electricity. Even so, the fishermen continue to fish out in the water far beyond sunset. Currently, their only source of light both at home and out in the open water are kerosine lamps, but they are dangerous, toxic, and expensive. When out in the water, they risk running out of gas and getting lost in the dark. When home, they and their families cough throughout the night due to the kerosine gas smoke, and are unable to afford the P20 gas that they need to buy daily. 


In partnership with One Million Lights, we aim to provide a more sustainable option to the 64 fishermen of the community: bright lights that are recharged through solar energy and can last them up to 5 years. With their clean, safe, and affordable solar-powered lamps, they may be able to provide more for their families and safely find their way back home.

If you and 2 other friends purchase one #LightTheWayWithLuxx set each, you will be able to give one fisherman and his family a solar powered light that has the potential to change their lives for the better. 

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