Everything You Need to Know About The Luxx Liner in Clear

You may already be familiar with Luxx’s beauty routine game-changers: the Luxx Magnetic Lashes, and the more recent Luxx Liner and Lashes. Here at Luxx, we are always striving to find the best ways to make all of your beauty routines both effortless and confidence-building.  With this, we are happy to give you the lowdown on your next fresh, foolproof, and freeing beauty secret.

What is the Luxx Liner in Clear?

Similar to the Luxx Liner in Black, the Luxx Liner in Clear is an adhesive (not glue) that is formulated with non-toxic and cruelty-free ingredients! This is a pressure-sensitive adhesive that allows any of your favorite Luxx Liner Lash pairs to bond with the liner instantly.

What’s new about this liner? It’s completely clear.


How does it apply? 

The application of the Clear Liner works exactly like our Luxx Liner in Black, except it is smudge-free and has no drying time! Before applying, it is best to ensure your skin is clean, oil-free, and primed. Give the Clear Liner a good shake before use and apply 2-3 swipes above your lash line. Don’t worry about making mistakes, the lines are clear and won’t be visible! With soft to medium pressure, gently press the liner lashes on top of the liner to let them stick. It’s that effortless!

Pro-tip: apply it as close as possible to avoid noticeable gaps between the lashes and your lash line!

How long does it last?

Planning to wear our Clear Liner and Lashes out to a day-long event? We got you covered! It can be worn up to 8 hours, lasting especially long if you prime your eyelids prior to application. If it begins to peel during the day, you can easily reapply the liner and stick the lashes back into place – quick and easy! 

What is the difference between the Luxx Liner in Clear and the Luxx Liner in Black?

With more options comes some questions regarding differences. You may be wondering what the differences are between the now-two options that you can purchase as individual Luxx Liner, or in a #LuxxLineAndLash Bundle. 

Luxx Liner in Black

Application: As a single line or cat-eye, for those who prefer a noticeable eyeliner look

Finish: Black, Matte

Style: Full and dramatic

Peg: Taylor Swift’s classic cat-eye liner look, paired with full lashes give her eyes a gorgeous level of intensity to them.

Luxx Liner in Clear

Application: A few swipes above the lash line, for those who are not as comfortable or skilled with eyeliner

Finish: Clear, Transparent

Style: Fresh and natural

Peg: Megan Fox lets her lashes do all the talking. Her eye looks are known to be stunningly fresh with generally clear lids.

How do I remove it? 

Like the application, the removal of the Clear Liner is similar to that of the Black Liner. First, soak a cotton pad with micellar water or cleansing oil.  Softly press and hold the soaked cotton pad on your eyes and for a few seconds to allow some time for the liner to transfer onto the cotton pad. Lastly, gently wipe off the liner with the cotton pad until all the adhesive has been removed. 

How do I maintain the Luxx Liner in Clear? 

Since the Luxx Liner in Clear has a white felt pen tip, it may tend to pick up any eyeshadow or product that is present on your eyelid upon application! With this, we recommend regular cleaning to avoid product build-up.
To clean and maintain the Luxx Liner in Clear, simply dip the tip of the liner in warm to hot water, shake well downwards, and gently wipe with clean tissue. Finish by closing the cap and shaking downwards once more. You may view this cleaning process in our video here.

Make sure to store the liner with the cap facing upwards as much as possible and keeping it at cool room temperature. Don’t forget to keep the cap on when not in use!

So why should I try out the Luxx Liner in Clear?

The Luxx Liner in Clear is your new beauty secret. Not a makeup pro? It’s beginner-friendly, and still very much for you! The Clear Liner has no traces and visible black streaks or smudges giving you the freedom to make mistakes and still achieve a glam look! 

The Clear Liner is for everyone; those who want a quick pick-me-up on lazy days full of online meetings, catching up with friends via Zoom, or for anyone lounging around who simply want to feel and look good! 

Make the Luxx Liner in Clear your new beauty routine staple and elevate your everyday look – shop now at heyluxxlash.com!

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