Lash Extensions vs Adhesive Liner


Lash extensions are usually high maintenance and costly, and can last up to 4 to 6 weeks. Adhesive Liner Lashes are often reusable for 3 months or more, and are easy to apply daily.

Choosing between lash extensions and adhesive liner lashes? Here’s everything you need to know between these two popular lash options.

Know your budget.

Lash extensions can often be costly, at around Php 1,500 to Php 3,500 depending on what kind of lashes you want to get. Premium lash extension and lash lift services can also go up to Php 5,000 per session. These lashes last up to 6 weeks depending on how fast your natural lashes grow and refresh or maintenance services can go up to Php 1,000 a pop. Not included: gas and transpo fees when going to the salon!

For adhesive liner lashes: while premium lash extension services can go up to Php 5,000, premium adhesive liner lashes only cost around Php 1,899. These lashes are cruelty-free and reusable, so you can wear them for 3 months or more. Some have even had their lashes for years!

Lash Extensions: Php 1,500 to Php 5,000 for 1.5 months

Adhesive Liner Lashes: Php 1,899 to Php 1,999 for 3 months or more

Know your daily lifestyle.

Getting lash extensions means not having to think about wearing makeup when you have to, because your lashes will always be ready, 24/7. But you do have to think about: not getting them wet, not sleeping on your side or on your stomach so the lashes don’t get crushed, brushing them regularly to keep them fluffy, not rubbing your eyes, and your maintenance trip next month.

It may take a bit of practice to get adhesive liner lashes on perfectly every single time, but once you get the hang of it, you’re good to go! Tap here to know how you can apply your lashes easily every single time.

Adhesive liner lashes like the Luxx Liner are also removable and reusable. Yes, you can wear them for 8 hours; yes, you can wear them the whole day if you want to. But when you need to go swimming or take a bath, you won’t have to worry about wearing or getting yourself a pair of goggles. Here’s what to love about our most natural Luxx Liner Lashes, Kali!

Know your environmental impact.

Let’s face it – it’s really hard to find lash extensions that are 100% environmentally friendly. Most lash extensions are made from PBT, a non-biodegradable plastic. Some, to get that real hair look, use mink or sable fur, which isn’t cruelty-free. The best you can opt for is 100% silk lashes which are expensive and hard to get.


The Luxx lash collections make it easy for you to go environmentally-friendly in no time. Each lash product is PETA-Approved free from animal cruelty and animal-derived ingredients, and is made from premium faux mink. We keep your furry friends safe, and we make it easy for you to take that first step towards becoming more sustainable with your beauty lifestyle.


If that’s not enough, our Luxx Liner Lashes also come in Eco, our special eco-friendly line that packages our well-loved lashes in compostable and recyclable yet durable materials. Check it out here!


Lastly, once your lashes have reached its last hurrah, we’ve partnered with the Plaf to let you recycle your lash pairs easily. Just pop them in a small container and bring them to any Plaf receiving area along with your other materials that need recycling. 

What lash style are you eyeing to wear next? Find yours here.


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