Luxx x The Plaf: Working together for a more sustainable world

Plastic waste & the Beyond Beauty Project

As we go about our daily lives, sometimes we fail to realize just how much plastic waste we accumulate. Delivery packaging, grocery bags, food containers, and even shampoo bottles-- all these little things add up to A LOT of plastic. When this plastic waste is mismanaged, it ends up in our oceans, polluting our waters and killing our marine life.

The beauty industry has actually been a huge contributor to plastic waste in the past few decades. And although many brands have begun to make changes in their products, packaging, and practices, we still have a long way to go. 

Here at Luxx Lash, we’re doing our best to leave a positive impact on our community and planet. Our Beyond Beauty Project is the embodiment of this; it symbolizes our commitment to sustainability, cruelty-free beauty, gender equality, and women empowerment.

We want to act in sustainable ways that lead us to a better world, but we can’t do it alone. We believe in working together to act on the issues that matter, which is why we’ve partnered with The Plastic Flamingo to do our part in managing plastic waste!

Luxx Lash x The Plaf

The Plastic Flamingo, A.K.A The Plaf, is a social enterprise on a mission to combat marine plastic pollution. They upcycle plastic waste and turn it into eco-lumber before it can reach the ocean. Their collection points are scattered all around and outside the Metro, which means everyone can help out in their own way. 

As Luxx customers, you can contribute in two ways: donating plastic, and plastic offset! 


Once it’s time to say goodbye to your worn and well-loved Luxx lashes, you can donate them to the Plaf hub nearest you! 

Here’s a list of everything you can donate from Luxx:

  • Lashes (placed inside a plastic bottle or container for safety!)
  • Luxx Liner Lashes Plastic Sleeve & Tray
  • Luxx Liner Pen
  • Lash Cleanser
  • STYX Plastic Cover

Before you drop off your used plastics, remember to wash and dry them for hygiene and safety purposes.  

Fun fact: the Luxx team regularly donates plastic waste to the PLAF  as part of our Conscious Collection Campaign, which aims to spark change from within!

Plastic Offset

If heading to The Plaf’s hubs to donate plastics may be difficult for you, you can also donate a small amount to The Plaf upon check-out of your Luxx Lash purchase. Offset the plastic that comes with your purchase and support The Plaf repurpose plastic waste and continue their environment-saving projects through your small donation!

These may be small steps, but when we add them all up, we're that many steps closer to a better world.

Creating positive impact through our #BeyondBeauty Project

Here at Luxx, we care about leaving a positive impact on our community and our planet, working together in acting on issues that matter to us.

This July 2022, we're celebrating the First Anniversary of our Beyond Beauty Project - transcending our role in the local beauty space by taking responsibility not only to advocate but to also act. As we consciously work towards creating a positive influence and impact by providing our community with opportunities to build sustainable beauty practices, we’re very excited to share some of the huge milestones that we have built alongside our community over the last twelve months.

🌳 35 Trees planted through our partnership with EcoShip

👩🏻 We partnered with the Women of the World, a global organization dedicated to empowering women all over the world to be their best selves.

👛 Plastic Offsetting Program - This July 2022, Luxx will double the amount customers will donate to help reduce plastic footprint in the world.

We hope that you can join us on our mission of going #BeyondBeauty. Click here to learn more about how you can take action in your own little way.

Join us in our small steps towards sustainable beauty! Check out our previous blog post to read all about the #LuxxBeyondBeautyProject, and follow The Plaf’s IG and FB pages to learn more about their mission.

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