Quick & Easy Wellness Guide for Working from Home

This past year, we have redefined our usual everyday beauty routines and are now discovering the best at-home solutions to overall wellness. Just because we’re at home, it doesn’t mean we can’t make the effort to look and feel great! After all, feeling confidently beautiful means taking care of ourselves inside & out, no matter where you are. 

Skin care is self care 

As we begin to tire of our WFH routines, it’s important to remember to de-stress and take time away from our current working environment. During these times, self-care is definitely a must. 

Use this time to elevate your beauty and skincare routine, whether it’d be trying out a new serum or a cleanser, or even just leaving a face mask on. Taking the extra time for your skincare regimen can be a really therapeutic experience, as you pause from your day to focus on yourself. 

It’s important to always start with taking care of your skin before going about your usual Zoom call makeup routine!

Wake your face up with some makeup! 

Skip the foundation and cover your dark circles and blemishes with concealer. For your video call look, you don't need to wear too much base makeup! Make sure to powder your face so you don’t look shiny on camera! Add a pop of color with blush too! 

If you have full, thick brows, use your DIY brow soap to tame them. But if you have sparse brows, feel free to use a brow pencil to make hair-like strokes to fill them in. 

Now for the eyes!

Luxx Lash

Curl your lashes and apply mascara! These will make sure your Liner Lashes blend in with your natural lashes. When you draw on  your eyeliner, make sure to keep  it close to your lash line Draw your wing and connect it to the main line, then apply your Liner Lashes starting at the inner corner and pressing it outward. Gently press the lashes into the liner to make sure it sticks, and finish the look by wearing your fave nude lipstick!


Placement is key  

Studies have shown that positioning your computer screen about 2 inches above your neutral eye line is the best position for your back and neck health! 

Not only that, this position also means you’ll be looking straight ahead at people on the call. This makes the video call feel more like an in-person get together, and it keeps your neck and back from slouching into an unflattering position-- especially when you’re going for a more professional look! 

Speaking of a professional look, lighting and background play a large role in how you are presenting yourself. Just like how your natural self is the most beautiful you, natural light is the most flattering light on you, too! 

Natural light also looks best when you have a lighter colored background that isn’t too sterile-- having something like a bookcase or houseplants behind you can all frame your face in a way where all the attention is  on you! 

Remember to get moving

Working from home means being glued to our seats, staring at our brightly lit screens all day. Our bodies need a break too! 

Make it a habit to stretch every 30 minutes or so, setting a timer to remind you can help. Although we are faced with restrictions, taking a walk for even just a few minutes a day can really help keep you active, and boost your mood. Just make sure to follow the proper safety protocols of course!

Now that we have extra time to spend at home, use this as an opportunity to get a workout in! Try to be consistent with your workout routines, or even just search some quick and easy workout sessions you can follow online. You can even pop on your Luxx magnetic lashes for that extra boost of workout confidence! 

It’s important to remember that all bodies are different, so make sure that whatever routine you follow makes you feel good, and works best for you! At the end of the day, what matters is that we stay active, happy, and healthy!

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