Magnetic Lashes: Everything You Need to Know

With magnetic lashes being around for sometime now, it’s no doubt that this beauty staple is being added to every makeup user’s beauty routine. This new type of lashes easily has easily become one of the biggest trends in the international beauty industry because of its unique and innovative design. Who ever expected you could put magnets on lashes? It’s no surprise that these magnetic lashes have become one of the most coveted beauty items to replace the usual falsies and lash extensions.

But are they all really worth the hype? And, more importantly, are magnetic lashes safe on the eyes? How about electromagnetic frequencies? To find out, here are our answers to the most frequently asked questions about our magnetic lashes, with some reviews from trusted eye doctors, experts, and even our very own customers.
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Are magnetic lashes heavy?

Magnetic lashes might seem heavy because of the whole idea of magnets being thick and heavy. Rest assured, these do not come with fridge magnet-sized ones but tiny magnets that weigh almost nothing. On the eyes, they feel just like your traditional false lashes.

Are magnetic lashes easy to apply?

Applying magnetic lashes is quick and easy either with our Lash Lock applicator or with your hands. To learn more, you can check out our how-to video here.

Just like applying traditional false eyelashes, applying magnetic lashes also comes with a little learning curve. But as they say, practice makes perfect! Once you get the hang of it, applying your magnetic lashes can take about 5 minutes or even less.




How do you remove the magnetic lashes?

Gently remove your magnetic lashes by holding both the top lash and bottom lash and carefully sliding the magnets forward or sideways to avoid tugging your natural eyelashes. 

Are magnetic lashes reusable

Our magnetic lashes are built to be reusable for up to 50 times or more! Depending on the care your pair gets, they can last even longer. Many Luxx users report that with proper cleaning using our Lash Cleanser as well as with proper handling and storage, their magnetic lashes can be used more than 50 timesminimizing cost and overall waste.

A number of disposable false lashes are made out of plastic which just end up in landfills. Some false lashes that are made with more sustainable material could potentially be recyclable, but because of how small they are, they end up getting lost on the way to the recycling plantthus ending up in landfills as well.

Because of the reusability of magnetic lashes, it keeps you from the regular cycle of buying and disposing, lessening the chances of lashes ending up in landfills. Imagine using just one pair in 3 months compared to ten pairs in the same amount of time. That’s cost and overall waste reduced in just one purchase! 


Can magnetic lashes be cleaned?

After at least 3 uses, you may use our Luxx Cleanser and a cotton bud to clean the lashes! Just simply gently stroke the lashes outwards until dirt and mascara debris are removed.

You may also use a dishwashing soap and water mixture if you don’t have the Luxx Cleanser.

Are magnetic lashes waterproof?

While we can attest to the lashes’ durability in windy areas and just about any climate, we recommend keeping your magnetic lashes away from the shower or the pool. But yes, they are water-resistant and breakup-proof so you can cry in them for hours. Though if you’re wondering about this because you’re highly physically active or into the whole hot yoga life, they’re safe to use here!

Should our natural lashes be curled first?

We recommend you to curl your lashes first so that there will be a more seamless look with your Luxx magnetic lashes and your natural lashes! 

Can mascara be worn with magnetic lashes?

Although not a requirement, you may apply mascara to your natural lashes first then apply your Luxx magnetic lashes to make the application easier.

Are magnetic lashes safe?

Yes, magnetic lashes are safe to use on the eyes! According to a number of eye doctors around the world, magnetic lashes are safer to use than false lashes that are applied with glue. Lash glue may contain substances that are harmful to the eyelids and can irritate the skin.

Elise Brisco, OD, CCH, integrative optometrist and clinical homeopath explains that magnetic lashes are better than using “traditional false eyelashes” because there is no risk of accidentally applying glue close to the eye area. She also tells online publication Good Housekeeping that she has seen people who have gotten glue in their eyes and that causes intense pain and irritation. With magnetic lashes, there’s no risk of this happening at all.

According to Dr. Mila Loussifova, OD, a residency-trained optometrist in comprehensive eye care, there is absolutely “no cause for concern in using magnets near the eyes.” In an interview with IB Times, she backs this up by saying that it is more preferable than most lash applications because there is no glue or any substance whatsoever that can contain harmful chemicals.

Don’t magnets emit some sort of electromagnetic frequency?

Beverly Hills-based aesthetic orbital & oculoplastic surgeon Raymond Douglas, MD, PhD assures all magnetic lash users that the amount of electromagnetic frequency emitted from these tiny magnets are extremely low. He tells lifestyle and beauty publication HelloGiggles that there is zero cause for concern here.

Dr. Rupa Wong, a board-certified ophthalmologist also strengthens this through a post on her website where she says that magnets “do not cause any kind of disruption in your eye movements or in your vision.”

How can I dispose of my magnetic lashes?

Luxx has partnered with the Plastic Flamingo or PLAF, and fortunately, they accept our magnetic lashes! All you have to do is put these lashes inside a plastic bottle (so it doesn’t get lost during transit!) and donate the rest of your plastics to a PLAF drop-off point near you.

Let’s support the PLAF's mission to combat marine plastic pollution together!

For a complete list of Luxx items Plaf accepts, as well as our other initiatives with them like plastic offsetting, you can read more about it here! To learn more about The PLAF, visit their page here.