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Simple yet dramatic natural-looking full lashes. A go-to essential to complete your look from work in the morning until your night out! Made with silk fibers, the soft and criss-cross effect of the hair strands of Paige lashes helps blend seamlessly with your natural lashes. Bat those lashes like a BOSS!

Perfect for everyday work—for the everyday girl boss that you are!

Paige lashes can work well with several eye shapes such as hooded shaped eyes, upturned shaped eyes, and mono-lidded shaped eyes to accentuate your eyes with a natural yet full look!

  • 8 magnets: 2 full top lashes with 2 small magnets attached to both ends of all lashes, and 4 short bottom lashes with 1 magnet on each
  • Package also includes:
    • Luxx case with built-in mirror (design may vary depending on availability)
    • Magnetic plates to keep the lashes from getting lost
    • How-To Apply instruction card