Magnetic Eyelashes vs Glue-on Falsies: What’s the difference?

If you’re someone who only recently heard about magnetic lashes, it can sound a little confusing at first (and maybe a little scary!). We’re here...

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My Mamita Tries Luxx: 3 Generations Tell Us Why They Love Their Liner Lashes

Feeling beautiful and empowered never goes out of style-- it’s just about finding new and different ways to do so. As we age, our makeup...

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Create Your Safe Space This Pride Month: Luxx LGBTQIA+ Community Members Tell Their Stories

  This month, we celebrate being true to yourself with the Philippine’s Pride Month 2021 theme of creating a safe space to express yourself freely....

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How to Determine Your Eye Shape and the Lashes That Fit | The Luxx #Lashalyzer

Have you ever wondered why you can never quite ace the makeup tutorials done by beauty gurus on YouTube? The answer: Most of the beauty...

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A Beginner’s Guide to Shopping For Beauty: The Eco-Friendly Way

In the past few decades, the beauty industry has been a huge contributor to several environmental issues like pollution and unethical practices. However, many beauty...

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K-Beauty and the Minimalist Makeup Look with Lily: Featuring Korean stars Jeon Yeo-been, Jennie Kim, and Han Ye-ri

  Those of us who are updated on trends in the world of makeup and beauty know that Korean beauty, or “K-beauty”, has been continually...

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